ESLAC Indoor League

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ESLACs Indoor League will be a 10 week league that will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6-8pm. This league will surely be unlike any league you have shot in the past. To mix things up we will be changing formats each week between Vegas 300, 5-spot, and FITA vertical 300 (baby/big x determined by equipment). Archers will be allowed to shoot up to size 27 arrows in all formats. If you are new to this kind of thing we will explain it to you. Whether you are an avid hunter, target shooter or someone just looking for something to keep your skills honed join our 10 week indoor League TODAY! 

                Price: $75 pre-pay

                -You can pay nightly,(no registration now) although you need to email ablain@esdf.org to let him know you will still be in attendance.

                – If you pay nightly the price is $10 per night


                Equipment: NFAA equipment rules, size 27 arrows allowed in all formats 

                    ***No FITA arrow restrictions***

                Day/ Time: Tuesday 6-8pm

                Prerequisite: none

                Target Ranges: 20 yards

                10-week league, completed consecutively

                 (will skip 3 weeks for holidays and events)


    Please email ablain@esdf.org if you already have a team, or a random team will be chosen for you.


Register Here