Required Information for Facility Grant Applicants

As of June 1st, 2017, the Easton Foundations is not accepting facility grant applications.  


  1. A completed Grant Application
  2. IRS letter of determination or if Government entity a letter of identification
  3. Copy of most recent financial statements
  4. If a 501(c)(3) organization, a copy of the most recent 990


  1. A brief description of the project and why it is needed
  2. A list of additional donors (as ESDF only matches 10-20%) and facility funding details
  3. Endorsements from:
    • Local political partners
    • State/national archery organizations
    • State recreation/school associations
  4. Facility details – Type of Ranges
    • Indoor and/or outdoor
    • Type – 90m, target, practice, 3D, etc…
    • Number of lanes
  5. Name of architect or contractor involved, if any.
  6. Any preliminary drawings
  7. Site Plan on GoogleEarth and area photos


  1. Copy of business plan
    • Where will funding for operations come from (self-funding is not likely)
    • Who will operate facility
    • Who will operate programs
  2. Copy of desired timeframe
    • Remaining fundraising
    • Design
    • Permitting
    • Construction
    • Opening Day
  3. Copy of budget for facility operations (at least 3 years, ideally 5)
  4. Details of the equipment procurement plans
  5. A list of archery clubs that would be participating and  membership count
  6. A list of other clubs that would be participating
  7. Distance to the airport
  8. Population analysis
  9. A list of local colleges/universities (& distance)
  10. A proposal on expected programs & events
    • Tournaments
    • Specialty training camps
    • School day trips
    • How distant is the facility’s influence
    • What other local/state organizations will host archery events there
  11. Plans on hiring head coach – certification level


  1. A plaque noting the Easton Foundations contribution will need to be placed at the facility (there is also the possibility of a requirement for naming rights depending on the dollar amount)
  2. Needs to be willing to participate in the Networking Agreement among the Easton Centers
  3. Needs to be willing to participate in training at an existing Easton Center (currently at Easton Newberry Archery Center in Newberry, FL)
  4. Needs to be willing to use jointly produced lessons plans and evaluations and to coordinate tactics with other ESDF facility programmers and coaches