Olympic-style recurve bows are used in the Park Archery League Program.  With developing archers, it is important to use equipment that allows them to improve their strength and skills.  It is better for the archers to use light poundage equipment that allows them to focus on correct form and proper use of the bow.

If your department already has equipment then you will want to make sure you have the correct quantities as well as make sure it follows our equipment rules.  Resources for purchasing equipment is listed below.

 Recommended Equipment List

The following equipment list is enough for a 5 archer team.  Additional ‘kits’ should be ordered based on the number of teams you have.  Teams can share equipment as long as games are scheduled without any overlap.

  • Bows
    • 5 right handed bows
    • 2 left handed bows
    • Recommended bow lengths are 64” (14 years old and under) and 66” (over 14)
    • Recommended bow poundage is 12-16lbs
    • (Optional) One right handed and left handed coach bow recommended (68” in length and 20lbs)
    • A complete bow includes riser, limbs, string, nock locator, arrow rest, and sight
    • Additional accessories may include stabilizer, plunger, and clicker
  • 66 arrows
    • Recommended sizes include 1616 (42ea) and 1816 (24ea)
  • Finger tabs
    • 6 right-handed finger tabs (1 small, 5 medium)
    • 3 left-handed finger tabs (1 small, 2 medium)
  • 7 arm guards
  • 7 quivers
  • 7 finger slings
  • 7 form straps
  • 7 stretch bands
  • 2 bow stringers
  • 1 bow square
  • 1 nock pliers

Range Kit

  • 2 targets minimum for a league game (2 teams). Additional targets will be needed if teams have practice at the same times (2 targets needed per team for practice).
  • 16 target pins
  • 16 (80cm) target faces
  • 2 score boards
  • 1 bow rack
  • 1 arrow curtain, if needed

Equipment Repair Kit

  • 1 fletching jig
  • 1 tube of fletching glue
  • Extra fletchings
  • Extra nocks

Equipment Rules

Park Archery League follows the equipment rules outlined by World Archery, in Book 3: Target Archery, for Olympic-style recurves.  In order to maintain a spirit of fair competition, the program has stricter equipment rules.  Archers may purchase their own equipment and may use it in league competition as long as it follows these equipment rules.  Remember to have all equipment labeled so that it is not mixed up with other teams.

1.0    Riser and Limbs
1.1 Only take-down recurve bows with bolt on limbs are allowed.

1.2 Recommended risers include the KAP Prostyle and the Core Jet Riser.  Other brands and models may be used as long as they have bolt on limbs.

1.3 Maximum marked, limb weight is 28lbs.  While actual draw weight is dependent on the archer’s draw length, the marked poundage may not exceed 28#.

2.0    String
Any string material may be used, however dacron is better suited for entry level bows.

3.0    Arrow Rest
Must use a ‘stick-on’ type recurve rest such as the Hoyt Super Rest.

 4.0    Sight
Any recurve target sight is acceptable.

5.0    Plunger
Any archery plunger is acceptable.

 6.0    Clicker
Any archery clicker is acceptable.

 7.0    Stabilizer
A single stabilizer with dampener and weights is allowed.  Additional stabilizers such as side rods, are not allowed.

8.0    Arrows
8.1 All-aluminum arrows must be used.  Any type of point, nock, and fletchings may be used as long as they follow World Archery rules for target, recurve archery.

8.2 Initial each of your arrows with a sharpie on the arrow shaft.  This is important so that your arrows may be identified on the target if another archer has the same fletching colors.

9.0    Accessories
Archers may use any Olympic-style recurve accessories such as an arm guard, quiver, finger tab, finger sling, and chest guard as long as they follow World Archery rules.

 10.0 Targets
10.1 Targets designed for target archery are appropriate for the program.

10.2 They should be large enough to fit an 80cm target face on it.

10.3 The center of the target should be at least 100cm from the ground.  A target stand is typically needed to elevate the target mat to the correct height.

 11.0 Dress Code
11.1 Park Archery League follows the USA Archery Dress Code with the exception that jeans are permitted.

11.2 A special reminder that archers must wear closed toed shoes on the archery range for safety.

Order Archery Equipment
If your agency does not already have equipment, there are several options available for purchasing equipment that follows the league rules.

Local Archery Shops
It is a good idea to develop a good relationship with a local archery shop so that you have local support with both equipment and advice.  The list of recommended equipment and rules can be given to them so that they can help select the proper equipment.

Lancaster Archery Supply
Lancaster Archery Supply (LAS) has generously offered a discount to participating agencies in the Park Archery League.  An account can be setup using the following form so that orders can be placed online at the LAS website.


USA Archery Kits
Equipment kits can be purchased through USA Archery.