Volunteer coaches are needed for each team.  Coaching a youth team is a rewarding experience as you have an opportunity to shape young lives through sport.  Guiding an archery team presents a unique chance to work on both an individual and a team level.  Each archer is unique and it takes a coach’s caring eye to understand what that archer needs to improve.  The coach also needs to shape the team as a whole so that they work together to encourage and challenge each other.

Coach Expectations and Responsibilities
All coaches in the program are expected to:

  • Follow all safety guidelines of the Park Archery League and to ensure safe practices by all participants.
  • Create a learning environment for their athletes that fosters:
    • Sportsmanship
    • Teamwork
    • Love for sport
  • Teach the Olympic style of archery
  • Understand and follow the rules and format of the Park Archery League

Certification/Archery Coach Training
To ensure that the coaches can meet their expectations and responsibilities, they must have a current archery certification.

Park Archery League accepts a variety of certifications including:

  • USA Archery
  • National Field Archery Association
  • Olympic Archery in Schools
  • National Archery in Schools

To ensure that all coaches have training in Olympic-style equipment and training they must complete section 2-8 of the OAS online coach training:

If a coach has USAA Level 3 certification or higher, then the online training is not required.

For coaches needing certification courses and local coaches, these can be found through USA Archery.

USA Course Locator:

USA Archery Coach Locator: