Program Timeline

The Park Archery League runs during the summer months so that post-season play can be coordinated with local State Archery Associations to coincide with their State Championship events.

The following is an outline for key check-points during the program.

  • January – Webinar #1 “Welcome, Registration and Season Scheduling”
  • February – Registration open for archers
  • March – Webinar #2 “Forming Teams and Training Coaches”
  • April – Webinar #3 “Running the Season”
  • May – Teams formed and league season schedule published by Parks and Rec Dept.
  • May – Coach orientation and training
  • Mid May – Intro to archery programs (Explore Archery) and pre-season practices
  • End of May – Payment to Park Archery League
  • June 1st – League games begin
  • July – Webinar #4 “Post Season Play”
  • August to September – Post Season Play: Championship events with State Archery Associations