Program Summary

Park Archery League brings a new experience to archery by using a unique team format for competition.  Not only do participants get the personal enjoyment of shooting archery, but they also benefit from being a part of a team.

Archery Range and Equipment
To offer the program, your site will first need to set up an archery range and prepare your archery equipment.  The archery range requires minimal space as the league uses shorter distances so that it is more beginner friendly and enables archers to develop properly.  Storage space will also need to be identified for your archery equipment.  Olympic-style recurve bows are used in the program and can be purchased from a number of vendors.  The League has additional rules for equipment so that competition is safe, fair, and focused on skill.

Introductory Programs
With your range and equipment setup, you can offer introductory archery programs to grow your pool of experienced archers for the league.  USA Archery (USAA) offers a great program called Explore Archery that includes lesson plans, games, and achievement awards.  Coaches can also be certified through USAA so that they can teach beginning archery classes.

Create Your Teams
After your introductory programs finish, you can open registration for your league.  From this pool of participating archers you will then form teams of 5 archers each.  Teams can be of mixed gender and age.  If you have archers of a wide range of ages, then a separate division can be created for archers 14 and under who will shoot 9 meters.  Archers older than 14 will be in a separate division and will shoot at 18 meters.

Recruit Coaches
Coaches will also need to be recruited to help coach the teams.  This is a great opportunity for parents to get involved to support the program and to share in the fun with their kids.  We accept a variety of certifications and can also connect you with USA Archery Instructors for training.

Game Scheduling
Once the teams and coaches have been assembled, the game schedules for the teams must be created and published.  The season is typically 5 weeks long and teams have one ‘home’ and one ‘away’ game against each of the other teams.  Some may choose to have games during the week, or designate weekends for multiple games.  If you are competing against teams from other rec departments, then those schedules must be coordinated with those sites as well.  All games must be completed before the State Championship events.

Play the Game
League games are fun for both the archers and spectators!  Archers and teams go head to head in match play, often going arrow for arrow to determine a victor.  The five archer team is comprised of 2 Singles spots and 1 Triples.  Singles will do one-on-one matches, while the triples involve three archers competing as a group.  When two teams have a game, their triples will have a match against each other.  Then the 1st Singles of each team will face off while the 2nd singles of both teams compete as well.  The team to win the most matches, wins the game.  Game scores should be reported so that overall team standings can be tracked.  At the end of the season, awards can be given for outstanding archers and overall team performance.

Championship Events
At the end of the season, archers will be invited to a local State Championship event if their area has a participating State Archery Association.  These championship events are an opportunity for all Park Archery League archers to come together for competition.  It is also an opportunity for them to be exposed to the greater archery community and further opportunities in the sport.