The Outdoor Adventure Center of South Dakota

Outdoor Adventure Center of SD

The Outdoor Adventure Center of South Dakota is a combined Archery and Firearms Range in Brookings, SD.  The Archery Range is a state-of-the-art regulation 30 yard indoor range.  We have 20 lanes available with 2 shooters per lane.  Compound bows and arrows are available for use.  The OAC is home to several groups including but not limited to:  Big Sioux Bowman, Big Sioux JOAD, OAC Archers AAP and the Brookings County 4-H Shooting Sports.  The OAC also houses an indoor 12 lane, 25-yard firearms range, a Classroom and Conference room.

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The Outdoor Adventure Center offers several different opportunities for the area Archer.   Our fall line-up is:

Youth JOAD Club (meets weekly)
Youth After-school Programming
Basic Archery for Kids (classes taught monthly)
4-H Shooting Sports Club (meets weekly)
Archery II (the next step)
Explore Basic Archery Camp
Basic Archery I (classes taught monthly)
Basic Archery II (classes taught quarterly)
Adult JOAD Club (meets weekly)
Corporate Night at the OAC
Big Sioux Bowman (meets monthly)
Specialty Shoots
Members-only Classes, Workshops and Events
Jackrabbit Archers Club
Couples Only League (meets weekly)

We have Level 1 Archery instructors along with several Level 2 instructors and 5 Level 3 instructors.
For a detailed list of our events, check out our Events Calendar on our website

Indoor Range
Highlights of the Archery Range

  • This is a state-of-the-art Olympic archery range
  • Can be used for competitions
  • Set for 30 yards
  • Target backstops are on rollers for easy adjusting to whatever distance is needed
  • This is an Easton Foundations affiliated Archery Range
  • 20 Lanes available with the ability for 40 shooters (2 per backstop) with 80 shooters using a double line (4 targets per backstop)
  • The mezzanine is used for overflow tournament seating. For safety, no shooting from the mezzanine is allowed.
  • We hold an annual Sunset Shoot, which occur in September. 3-D targets are used, lights are dimmed and obstacles such as wind gusts are added to challenge shooters.
  • Paid members have access to the Archery Range from 5 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week.
  • Day pass members are able to shoot during Open to the Public Range Hours: Thurs Evening, Friday Evening, Saturday and Sunday.  We are hoping in the future to be able to increase our Open Range Hours.
  • There are OAC range bows and arrows available for use.

Outdoor Adventure Center of SD5Classrooms or Other Rooms
The Outdoor Adventure Center of SD has a meeting room and a conference room along with Adventure Alley that are available to rent, in addition to our Archery Range and our Firearms Range.  For more detailed information contact the OAC directly.

Outdoor Adventure Center of SD4All of the Outdoor Adventure Center’s coaching staff are volunteers, but are available for one-on-one personal training.

The OAC just celebrated our one year anniversary and we are excited to be part of the Brookings community.

The Outdoor Adventure Center is located right next door to the Dakota Nature Park.  Dakota Nature Park is located on the northwest corner of 22nd Avenue and 32nd Street South.  This 135 acre park provides visitors with an opportunity to observe nature.  The site once served as the City of Brookings Landfill.  However, the landfill has since been capped and has fulfilled the environmental monitoring requirements of the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources.    Mature trees and vegetation provide a safe haven to birds and animals native to this area.  A series of small connecting ponds adds to the scenic beauty.  Paved and primitive recreation trails loop throughout the park.  A metal bridge provides access across the ponds.

Brookings is home to South Dakota State University, McCrory Gardens, SD State Agricultural Heritage Museum, Children’s Museum of SD, the SD Art Museum, and the Swiftel Center just to name a few.

Outdoor Adventure Center of SD
2810 22nd Avenue South
Brookings, SD 57006

Dakota Nature Park

Children’s Museum of SD

McCrory Gardens

SD Art Museum