Florida Sports Foundation awards Easton Gator Cup Best Mid-Market Event of the Year for 2016

The Florida Sports Foundation (FSF), the state’s leading sports promotion and development organization, presented six awards to recognize Florida communities and sports commissions for their outstanding efforts in sports tourism in the State of Florida.  The events were awarded or held between April 1, 2016 and April 15, 2017.

Mid-Market Event of the Year:  Easton Gator Cup, Newberry, Gainesville Sports Commission.

While this is an annual local created event, what made the 2016 event special was winning the bid to host the USA Olympic Team Trials as the last chance for men and women to qualify in the US to go to the 2016 Olympics in Rio.   During the Olympic Trials the top 8 men and women were eliminated down to the top 4, a 3 person team with one alternate archer.  This was not only great marketing for the local community but also for the State of Florida to host an Olympic Qualifier before Rio.  Over 600 people attended the five-day Gator Cup Tournament and Olympic Team Trial.  Over 80% of participants were from out-of-state and over 95% of participants were from out-of county with 38 states represented and archers from Canada, Trinidad and Bermuda.  1,138 room nights were produced with over $175,000 direct hotel impact and a direct Economic impact of $452,067.

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Aim True – Partnering for Performance

Story and Photography by Ray Carson

Sometimes it takes a partnership to create a project.  In 2008, the City of Newberry Parks and Recreation Department was tasked with a plan to create a sports park that would not only benefit local residents, but would also use sports tourism as an economic engine for the city.

As is often the case with small town government budgets, funding was limited.  The solution was to form a partnership with other entities that could share resources and funds to create the park.  Florida Fish and Wildlife donated land and the Easton Foundations provided additional funds and an archery facility.   Read more….

Easton Foundations Gator Cup and 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

U.S. Olympic Team Trials

Media Advisory:
Event: Easton Foundations Gator Cup and 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Archery, final nomination shoot

Where: Easton Newberry Sports Complex – 24880 NW 16 Ave, Newberry, FL 32669

When: The Easton Foundations Gator Cup will take place May 26-28, immediately followed by the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Archery, final nomination shoot May 29-30.

What: The Easton Foundations Gator Cup is the second of four U.S. Archery Team (USAT) Qualifier Series Events of the 2016 season where archers earn valuable points towards a spot on the national team. The event will consist of official practice, a 72-arrow ranking round, and head-to-head elimination matches. The 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Archery, final nomination shoot is the last of a three-part trials process. The U.S. has qualified a full men’s team of three archers, and has earned one spot for our women. They will have one more chance to qualify a full team, and this Trials process will determine which archers are nominated to those slots to go to the Games in Rio.

Who: Top archers to watch include 2012 London Olympic Silver Medalists Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Jacob Wukie and five-time Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medalist Khatuna Lorig, who also taught Jennifer Lawrence archery for her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games movies. Zach Garrett and Collin Klimitchek are the two youngest archers in the running for the men’s top 8, and both have a good shot with multiple recent international medals under their belts. Garrett invents his own archery equipment that he competes with, and Klimitchek is an avid adventure seeker and nature lover, which is how he found the sport of archery.

Mackenzie Brown leads the women’s field with a wide margin. Nicknamed the Girl on Fire, Brown narrowly missed the 2015 World Championship team, but then came back to suddenly win a spot on almost every major international podium for the remainder of the season. Currently ranked fourth in the world, Brown also won bronze at the Rio Test Event and is a strong contender for a medal this summer.

The top eight men stand as follows:

1. Brady Ellison (Globe, Arizona)
2. Zach Garrett (Wellington, Missouri)
3. Jake Kaminski (Gainesville, Florida)
4. Collin Klimitchek (Victoria, Texas)
5. Jacob Wukie (Fremont, Ohio)
6. Thomas Stanwood (Raynham, Massachusetts)
7. Daniel McLaughlin (West Chester, Ohio)
8. Sean McLaughlin (West Chester, Ohio)

The top eight women stand as follows:

1. Mackenzie Brown (Flint, Texas)
2. Hye Youn Park (Cupertino, California)
3. LaNola Pritchard (Lehi, Utah)
4. Ariel Gibilaro (North Branford, Connecticut)
5. Khatuna Lorig (West Hollywood, California)
6. Erin Mickelberry (Bothell, Washington)
7. Lauren Clamon (Chula Vista, California)
8. Heather Koehl (Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin)

Live updates as the Trials continue are available here. For more, follow USA Archery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For any media questions or credential requests, please contact media@usarchery.org.

About USA Archery
USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery in the United States. USA Archery selects and trains Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship, and World Cup teams, as well as developing archery at the grassroots level across the United States. For more information, visit http://www.usarchery.org.

Media Contact
Sarah Bernstein/Public Relations

Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

By Eric Blalock

With indoor season in full swing, the Easton-Newberry Archery Center staff has been preparing for a busy season. Whether it is archers training for tournaments across the nation, or our own local events, the indoor range is bustling with archers.

The staff and coaches here would like to congratulate our facility members, and the Community Olympic Development Program (CODP) class participants, for an excellent start to the 2016 indoor season, most notably, their success at The Vegas Shoot. Three of our CODP class participants finished top 15 in their respective divisions, while two of our facility members finished 12th and 4th in theirs. We look forward to their continued success, as well as, our other CODP class participants as we move towards U.S. and JOAD National Indoor Championships.

We kicked off our indoor season here in Newberry with the 2nd Annual Gator Classic on February 6th. There were close to 60 archers from the local community who came to support the event. The Classic was only the start; we plan on being extremely busy for the next three months:


    • USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach Certification
    • Shell Pond 3D Shoot
    • US National Indoor Championship
    • JOAD National Indoor Championship
    • End of Session Shoot


    • USA Archery Level 1 & 2 Instructor Course
    • Physical Assessment Seminar
    • Florida Archery Association State Indoor Championship
    • NAA State Indoor Championships
    • NFAA State Indoor Championships
    • South East NFAA Sectional Indoor
    • OAS Gainesville Conference Championship
    • Sports Nutrition Seminar
    • Sports Psychology Seminar
    • Florida F-H State Match


    • OAS State Championship
    • Spider Cup Series, 2nd leg
    • Florida 4-H State Indoor
    • OAS Nationals

If you would like any more information on these events visit our website or please give us a call at (352) 472-2388.

Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

By Eric Blalock:

As we transition into the indoor season, things have finally started to slow down slightly at the Easton Newberry Archery Center. Outdoor tournaments are coming to an end, with only the Florida Archers Association’s State FITA Field and Florida 4-H’s State 3D Match remaining on the schedule.

ENACThe staff and coaches here would like to congratulate our members and the CODP (Community Olympic Development Program) class participants for an excellent 2015 outdoor season. The CODP class participants finished the season with an outstanding 57 podium finishes, 34 of which were first place, at State tournaments. Their national success in 2015 was unparalleled to any seen here at the Easton Newberry Archery Center, with 38 top 10 placements, bringing home 9 gold medals and 18 overall podium finishes.

We want to wish the best to eight of our members as they travel to Chula Vista, California for the Junior Dream Team selection camp. Also, a big shout out to our members, Meghan Collins, Ryan Oliver and Adam Heidt, for making the Cadet USAT Team.

There are some exciting events in the coming months. On January 16th the Easton ENACNewberry Archery Center will be hosting a one-day Judges Seminar led by International Judge, Mike Cullumber. We are kicking off our indoor season with the 2nd Annual Gator Classic on February 5th and 6th.  Only a couple weeks later Easton Newberry Archery Center will be hosting, for the first time in Florida, the U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships on February 19th through the 21st.

Updates from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

By Carl Greene

The 2015 summer season has been exciting with approximately 75 participants continuing throughout the summer with camp and classes. With camps alone our staff coaches and office personnel have been super busy logging over 1316 total hours of individual camp experience. These experiences have included a trip to the University of Florida Sports research center and an introduction to proprioception training. Of these different training techniques one stood out as some had the privilege to go ‘Stand-up Paddle Boarding on the Santa Fe River.’ The three-hour river trip on SUP’s was a big hit among archers on a hot Florida evening. These camps have been fun and inspirational to many. Archers never considered how much something like Stand Up Paddle Boarding complemented an archer’s posture and body awareness. We look forward to seeing these young athletes in the coming years as elite performers.

Many of our students as well as facility members who train here at the Easton-Newberry Center have excelled in this years state, national, and international level tournaments. With multiple podium finishes as well as personal best records the excitement and momentum to excel here in Newberry has taken its place. This momentum is expected to help us launch into a new year as schools start back and our regular classes begin.

As we look forward we will be offering more coach training certification classes as well as proprioception training, nutrition, equipment, and judge training workshops. These opportunities will be available to all coaches, athletes, and programs to benefit from. Feedback and suggestions from coaches, judges, athletes, etc. are encouraged to help us in our search of improving what is offered at our center.

Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

By: Carl Greene

Over the last three months the Easton Newberry Archery Center has been overwhelmed with archery events and activities.  These events have not only brought business to the local communities, but they have confirmed the legitimacy of the sport of Archery to those all around Alachua County.

The month of February brought a visit from Team Japan’s management staff.  They toured the facility as they consider training-venue possibilities in preparation for the 2016 Olympic games.

Our inaugural start to the Annual Indoor Gator Classic was very successful with approximately 65 shooters on Valentines Day.  Following was the start of the ASA’s 2015 Pro Am tour with over 1400+ shooters.  The ASA shooter’s and families filled the hotels and local restaurants as they enjoyed the southern hospitality of the small community of Newberry.  Ending the month of February, the Florida state NASP championships were held at the Easton center.  From the crack of dawn until the hint of darkness the NASP program kept going with several hundred shooters taking their place on the line and representing their schools.

The Florida Archery Association started off the month of March by holding their state indoor championship in Newberry with around 200 shooters for the weekend.  Following for the month was the Florida 4-H state indoor championships, End of Session Target Challenge, and multiple local 3D shoots.

April brought the kickoff of the ‘Easton Centers of Excellence’ National indoor archery league.  Our local shooters really enjoyed the match and being able to compete with live scores posted using the Rcherz scoring app.  Every weekend was filled with a variety of events.  The USCA collegiate regional outdoor championships were held with the University of Florida’s Orange and Blue archery team being the event management host.  They did an outstanding job at managing the event.  Easton’s Olympic Archery in the Schools program held the Gainesville Conference championships.  This was a great day of watching these young athletes grow.

The 6th annual Gator Cup USAT and World Team Trials event was a very successful accomplishment for all involved.  We had 423 shooters for Gator cup and 251 for World Team Trials.  This event took place on multiple fields over a four day period in order to accommodate the size of registration numbers.  This was a large undertaking and we are very pleased with the performance of our employees and volunteers.  We received many positive comments about our staff and the efficiency in which they operated through many challenges including bad weather delays and long days.  Many of the elimination matches were shown by live-feed and added an awesome aspect to the event.  Especially those with family and friends who couldn’t make the trip to Newberry, it offered them a little glimpse and feel of being in the game.

Four Students from Easton-Newberry Archery Center make Junior Dream Team

Part of our mission here at the Easton-Newberry Archery Center is to help athletes prepare for a position on the USAA’s Junior Dream Team (JDT) and the Resident Athlete Program. This help comes from private instruction, events structure, classes, and facility use. We would like to congratulate four of our athletes who train at the Easton-Newberry Archery Center—Ryan Oliver, TJ Rodriguez, Hala Skelton, and Thadrick Heaney—who made the Junior Dream Team.

Ryan has been a member of the recurve JDT program for over two years. His efforts and progress has earned him a spot on the JDT Red Team. The Red Team is the highest level of performers on the JDT program. TJ was selected as an alternate recurve JDT member last year and has now earned his position as a full JDT member going into 2015. Hala attended the first ever Compound JDT selection camp this past November and earned her spot as a CJDT member. Thadrick also attended the first Compound JDT selection camp in November and earned his spot on the CJDT as well.

The selection process was held in Chula Vista, CA and is quite complex. All of these archers worked extremely hard to earn these accomplishments. These archers dedicate many hours and days year round to making themselves the best they can be. They all show tremendous leadership potential in addition to outstanding performance as a top athlete.

2015 will be a very intense year for all four of these archers. These four athletes as well as many others will be a regular face on many stages in the future of our sport. We are very grateful to have such a tremendous group of athletes and support system of families here at the center. Again, Congratulations to you all!

Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

By Carl Greene:

With schools starting back and the outdoor tournament season winding down we have been very busy at the Easton-Newberry Center.  Many of the camp participants during the summer came back to participate in our regular class sessions.  We are averaging 64 participants.  We also created a commuter class that makes participation possible for those that live some distance away.  The commuter class has participation from as far away as a 5-½ hour drive.  This is exciting to see new people come onboard and enjoy this sport we love.

We have been working hard on completing our Roving NFAA field range and we were honored to have the Florida 4-H participants be the first to try it out during their state field match.  While enjoying a beautiful fall day these archers enjoyed winding through the trees with a walking trial just over a half mile long while shooting at 14 different target scenarios.  While here, the 4-H scheduled five additional tournaments for the upcoming year.  We are excited to see this program grow with us here at the Easton-Newberry Center.

As we look forward to the 2015 tournament season, we are already planning many tournaments.  Between local JOAD club shoots, Florida 4-H program, Florida Archery Association, ASA, local 3D, and our USAT Gator Cup we have approximately 43 shoots scheduled for this coming year.  In addition to our weekly league night, we are developing a local league and national league that other Easton centers and affiliates can join in the fun.  More information on the National League to follow!

Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

By: Carl Greene

This years Gator Cup was a tremendous success with 354 archers competing from all over the US as well as from 5 other countries.

As the school year came to a close along with classes, the Easton-Newberry Archery Center opted to offer summer camps in three-day increments.  With four basic and four intermediate/competitive camps running during June and July, families will have better flexibility to plan summer vacations, etc. while continuing to keep their archer training.  They also offer weekly adult classes.  Even with the short notice and restructuring they had about 35-40 registrations in the first week of posting.  The first week of camp was a huge success using US Archery’s Explore Archery program for the basic level camp and did a lot of core and balance training along with NTS exercises for the intermediate level camp

In August the Archery Center will start back with a regular weekly class schedule for basic through competitive classes and programs.  The top two classes will be constructed as a more complete program rather than just a weekly class.  These two classes will require athletes to fill out and commit to goals worksheets, training logs, and physical strengthening and training programs on a day-to-day basis.  This will be monitored as a higher level of commitment from both the archer and the center to produce a more complete and competitive athlete.  The intermediate level class will provide instruction and knowledge without all of the extra demands of a regular training program.

The indoor range received a new coat of paint and freshening up as they move toward a more inspiring décor to promote the interest in archery.  The surroundings, both facility and faculty, are a large part in the motivation of an athlete.  The aim is to make that motivation be the most positive and informative as possible.

On June 14th, the Florida state JOAD championships were held at the facility with 54 archers competing.  This was a record turnout for the state JOAD.  After meeting with the Florida Archery Association they have committed to bring back at least four of their state events to the center for 2015.  Building the trust and bond between these organizations is crucial to the future of any facility.  As they reach out to other groups and organizations they hope to expand their reach and use of the great facility at the Easton-Newberry Archery Center.