Updates from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

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By Carl Greene

The 2015 summer season has been exciting with approximately 75 participants continuing throughout the summer with camp and classes. With camps alone our staff coaches and office personnel have been super busy logging over 1316 total hours of individual camp experience. These experiences have included a trip to the University of Florida Sports research center and an introduction to proprioception training. Of these different training techniques one stood out as some had the privilege to go ‘Stand-up Paddle Boarding on the Santa Fe River.’ The three-hour river trip on SUP’s was a big hit among archers on a hot Florida evening. These camps have been fun and inspirational to many. Archers never considered how much something like Stand Up Paddle Boarding complemented an archer’s posture and body awareness. We look forward to seeing these young athletes in the coming years as elite performers.

Many of our students as well as facility members who train here at the Easton-Newberry Center have excelled in this years state, national, and international level tournaments. With multiple podium finishes as well as personal best records the excitement and momentum to excel here in Newberry has taken its place. This momentum is expected to help us launch into a new year as schools start back and our regular classes begin.

As we look forward we will be offering more coach training certification classes as well as proprioception training, nutrition, equipment, and judge training workshops. These opportunities will be available to all coaches, athletes, and programs to benefit from. Feedback and suggestions from coaches, judges, athletes, etc. are encouraged to help us in our search of improving what is offered at our center.