Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

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By: Carl Greene

Over the last three months the Easton Newberry Archery Center has been overwhelmed with archery events and activities.  These events have not only brought business to the local communities, but they have confirmed the legitimacy of the sport of Archery to those all around Alachua County.

The month of February brought a visit from Team Japan’s management staff.  They toured the facility as they consider training-venue possibilities in preparation for the 2016 Olympic games.

Our inaugural start to the Annual Indoor Gator Classic was very successful with approximately 65 shooters on Valentines Day.  Following was the start of the ASA’s 2015 Pro Am tour with over 1400+ shooters.  The ASA shooter’s and families filled the hotels and local restaurants as they enjoyed the southern hospitality of the small community of Newberry.  Ending the month of February, the Florida state NASP championships were held at the Easton center.  From the crack of dawn until the hint of darkness the NASP program kept going with several hundred shooters taking their place on the line and representing their schools.

The Florida Archery Association started off the month of March by holding their state indoor championship in Newberry with around 200 shooters for the weekend.  Following for the month was the Florida 4-H state indoor championships, End of Session Target Challenge, and multiple local 3D shoots.

April brought the kickoff of the ‘Easton Centers of Excellence’ National indoor archery league.  Our local shooters really enjoyed the match and being able to compete with live scores posted using the Rcherz scoring app.  Every weekend was filled with a variety of events.  The USCA collegiate regional outdoor championships were held with the University of Florida’s Orange and Blue archery team being the event management host.  They did an outstanding job at managing the event.  Easton’s Olympic Archery in the Schools program held the Gainesville Conference championships.  This was a great day of watching these young athletes grow.

The 6th annual Gator Cup USAT and World Team Trials event was a very successful accomplishment for all involved.  We had 423 shooters for Gator cup and 251 for World Team Trials.  This event took place on multiple fields over a four day period in order to accommodate the size of registration numbers.  This was a large undertaking and we are very pleased with the performance of our employees and volunteers.  We received many positive comments about our staff and the efficiency in which they operated through many challenges including bad weather delays and long days.  Many of the elimination matches were shown by live-feed and added an awesome aspect to the event.  Especially those with family and friends who couldn’t make the trip to Newberry, it offered them a little glimpse and feel of being in the game.