Four Students from Easton-Newberry Archery Center make Junior Dream Team

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Part of our mission here at the Easton-Newberry Archery Center is to help athletes prepare for a position on the USAA’s Junior Dream Team (JDT) and the Resident Athlete Program. This help comes from private instruction, events structure, classes, and facility use. We would like to congratulate four of our athletes who train at the Easton-Newberry Archery Center—Ryan Oliver, TJ Rodriguez, Hala Skelton, and Thadrick Heaney—who made the Junior Dream Team.

Ryan has been a member of the recurve JDT program for over two years. His efforts and progress has earned him a spot on the JDT Red Team. The Red Team is the highest level of performers on the JDT program. TJ was selected as an alternate recurve JDT member last year and has now earned his position as a full JDT member going into 2015. Hala attended the first ever Compound JDT selection camp this past November and earned her spot as a CJDT member. Thadrick also attended the first Compound JDT selection camp in November and earned his spot on the CJDT as well.

The selection process was held in Chula Vista, CA and is quite complex. All of these archers worked extremely hard to earn these accomplishments. These archers dedicate many hours and days year round to making themselves the best they can be. They all show tremendous leadership potential in addition to outstanding performance as a top athlete.

2015 will be a very intense year for all four of these archers. These four athletes as well as many others will be a regular face on many stages in the future of our sport. We are very grateful to have such a tremendous group of athletes and support system of families here at the center. Again, Congratulations to you all!