Latest News from the Easton-Newberry Archery Center

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By Carl Greene:

With schools starting back and the outdoor tournament season winding down we have been very busy at the Easton-Newberry Center.  Many of the camp participants during the summer came back to participate in our regular class sessions.  We are averaging 64 participants.  We also created a commuter class that makes participation possible for those that live some distance away.  The commuter class has participation from as far away as a 5-½ hour drive.  This is exciting to see new people come onboard and enjoy this sport we love.

We have been working hard on completing our Roving NFAA field range and we were honored to have the Florida 4-H participants be the first to try it out during their state field match.  While enjoying a beautiful fall day these archers enjoyed winding through the trees with a walking trial just over a half mile long while shooting at 14 different target scenarios.  While here, the 4-H scheduled five additional tournaments for the upcoming year.  We are excited to see this program grow with us here at the Easton-Newberry Center.

As we look forward to the 2015 tournament season, we are already planning many tournaments.  Between local JOAD club shoots, Florida 4-H program, Florida Archery Association, ASA, local 3D, and our USAT Gator Cup we have approximately 43 shoots scheduled for this coming year.  In addition to our weekly league night, we are developing a local league and national league that other Easton centers and affiliates can join in the fun.  More information on the National League to follow!