Northern Illinois University Archery Club Receives Grant

northern-illinois-universityThank you for the Archery Equipment on behalf of the NIU Archery Club

Dear Idida Briones at Easton Foundations,

My name is Harshita Kothamasu.  I am the Public Relations officer for the Northern Illinois University Archery Club.  I am writing this to thank you on behalf of the Club.  The NIU Archery Club was a recipient of the Easton Foundation Grant.   It has provided the club with much-needed bows, arrows, targets, and other miscellaneous archery items.   Since receiving the grant we have used the equipment in every archery shoot held at our campus and has given over 40 (and counting) new clubs members an invaluable archery learning experience. We will be traveling to various locations around the midwest and Northern Illinois area to compete against other clubs and organizations and will be proudly using the Easton archery equipment you have supplied us with.  On behalf of all the officers and clubs members in the NIU archery club, we would like to thank you for all the equipment and for allowing us to enhance the archery learning experience!


Easton, Thank You

girl-scouts-wyoming4Hello, Easton Sports Development Foundation.  I am writing to you with a huge “Thank you” for your support of the most successful camp season in the history of Girl Scouts of Montana & Wyoming (GSMW).  You are the reason we were able to host a record number of campers and you are the reason hundreds of girls are now eagerly pursuing archery and other outdoor ventures beyond our camps.

To prepare for our camps’ archery programs, GSMW certified one Level II and six new USAA Level I archery instructors and hired an international staff member with archery instruction certifications in Scotland.  GSMW hosted 522 residential campers during the summer of 2016 – almost 100 more than 2015’s enrollment.  Of our 522 campers, about 95% participated in at least 2 hours of archery instruction and activity.  Our campers each received a letter about the Easton Foundation’s generous equipment grant in addition to a list of ways for them to continue archery instruction throughout Montana and Wyoming.

After every camp session, we asked campers, “What was your favorite part of camp?”  Atop the list of favorite activities at camp was “Archery”!  Archery was followed closely by “making new friends.”  We believe archery and making friends go hand-in-hand.  Thank you so much for giving our staff and girls the opportunity to explore and share archery with others.


We already have plans to increase the capacity and magnitude of our archery programs in the coming camp seasons.  Due to the popularity of archery at our camps, next year, we will offer an archery-focused camp where each day girls will spend at least four hours on archery instruction and activity.  Our Casper, Wyoming camp, Camp Sacajawea, is within one mile of a BLM-managed archery range and field course, the Robert L. Adams Archery Range.  I look forward to working with the BLM and the local archery club, the Lost Arrow Archers, to develop intensive programming unique to our Girl Scouts camps.  From there, I know some of our campers will continue to participate and possibly compete in archery sports beyond the camp setting.

I have attached some of our best pictures of our campers using the awesome equipment the Easton Foundation granted us.  The girls loved the equipment, and so did their families and our instructors!  I know that at least half of our camp’s young instructors plan on pursuing archery recreationally outside of the camp setting, as well.

The Easton Sports Development Foundation has spurred a movement here in Montana and Wyoming.  You will see our archers growing up, enjoying archery, and competing through the ranks in the years to come.  We will update you on all our program developments throughout this year and further into the future.  Thank you once again for your generous support that has enlivened a love of archery in hundreds of girls across Montana and Wyoming.

The Kroc Center in Chicago adds archery league to their program

Kroc Center ChicagoWhether you’re interested in the arts, or the many areas of sports and fitness, aquatics, family & education, church, or seniors programs, you’ll find incredible opportunities to express your creativity and live a healthier life at the Kroc Center Chicago.

With a grant from the Easton Foundations, The Salvation Army KROC Center in Chicago has added an archery league program to their schedule.

Doug Engh, Outreach Director for the Easton Foundations recently made a visit to Chicago to conduct a very successful archery training session.

The training was conducted for 10 Kroc staffers, as well as for their new Director.  The first day Holly Edgar from Georgia Southern University presented the Team Archery concepts in the morning.  Late morning, Brennan Ewald, Marketing Manager at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center gave a presentation on the NFAA, club structures and area tournaments.

During the afternoon, the training group ran a mock Team Archery event in the gym for the staffers.   The next day Jeff DeRegnacourt from West Michigan Archery Center, along with Doug Engh, conducted a Level 1 class.

In the coming months Doug will also be visiting the Kroc Center in Grand Rapids to train their staff for their new archery league program.

Aim True – Partnering for Performance

Story and Photography by Ray Carson

Sometimes it takes a partnership to create a project.  In 2008, the City of Newberry Parks and Recreation Department was tasked with a plan to create a sports park that would not only benefit local residents, but would also use sports tourism as an economic engine for the city.

As is often the case with small town government budgets, funding was limited.  The solution was to form a partnership with other entities that could share resources and funds to create the park.  Florida Fish and Wildlife donated land and the Easton Foundations provided additional funds and an archery facility.   Read more….

Three Fires Council Announces the Opening of a New Archery Range

Three Fires Council 1











The Three Fires Council is delighted to announce the opening of the newly constructed Archery and Shooting pavilion at Camp Freeland Leslie for the 2016 summer season. Located in Oxford, Wisconsin, Camp Freeland Leslie annually serves 2,800 youth and adults from Wisconsin, Illinois and beyond.

As part of an ongoing program and property master planning process. The leadership of the Three Fires Council first focus was on the development of the properties Shooting Sports venue.  In 2014 the Council constructed the 16 position rifle range doubling shooter capacity.  In 2015 through a generous donation, the Council was able to construct a Skeet and Trap range to create the ability to cycle more youth through this activity and lessen wait times.  The Council and its General Contractor were presented with the Gold Award for a Project of Distinction by the Southern Wisconsin Builders and Contractors Association for the Skeet and Trap Range.

In 2016, the shooting sports venue at Camp Freeland Leslie was completed through the construction of the Archery range and pavilion. Being one of the most popular activities in any camping program, the Council leadership knew that the range must be expanded in order to serve more youth and adults through a greater number of shooting lanes.  We now have the ability for up to 16 individuals to be able to shoot simultaneously versus eight previously.  Care was taken in the design process to maximize the space/efficiency within the secured storage building at the pavilion.  Additionally, a design enhancement/change early in the construction process raised the top of the pavilion to10 feet to better accommodate our shooters.  While requiring additional costs to the engineering and construction of the roof and its high winds stability, virtually any youth or adult of any height will now be able to shoot recurve bows as well as compound bows.

The construction of the Archery Range and Pavilion was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. The new Archery Range at Camp Freeland Leslie is sure to see heavy use and participation during the 2016 summer camp season and beyond.  The word is out – The Three Fires Council is investing heavily in our outdoor programs at our camps.  These investments could be a reason why our summer camp registrations have already increased our 2016 registrations by 30%!

 Were it not for the Challenge Grant of the Easton Foundations, we would have had a much more difficult time raising the funds needed to construct the Archery Range and Pavilion. The Foundations investment with this tremendously important project helped significantly with the projects credibility and ultimate reality.

We look forward to promoting the use of the facility to outside groups that share in the passion of shooting sports.

On behalf of the thousands of individuals both now and in the future, we are forever appreciative of the Easton Foundations belief in, and support of, our outdoor educational programs.  We look forward to providing you with more updates and photos when summer camp starts in just a few short weeks!

Michael Kaufman, CFRE
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Three Fires Council, Boy Scouts of America

Letter of Appreciation from National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)

Start of a race in Alabama
Start of a race in Alabama

Dear Mr. Easton:

Your support over the years has enabled NICA to grow into the leading youth cycling program in the United States!  With 7 juniors from our leagues representing the USA at the upcoming world championships MTB race, it is only a matter of time before one of our kids is an Olympian!  With 7,000 kids participating, we are seeing the benefits to individuals and families across the country.

Friendships forming as a result of racing together
Friendships forming as a result of racing together

Thank you and the Easton Foundations for the continued and significant support.

Sincerely, Austin McInerny, Executive Director
National Interscholastic Cycling Association

Stacey Middle School in Westminster, California receives Grant from the Easton Foundations to start an Archery Club

Jack Dandridge and the Stacey Archery Club
Jack Dandridge and the Stacey Archery Club

The Stacey Archery Club is off and running with 22 students who are eager to become competitive archers. A funding grant from the Easton Foundations allowed Stacey Middle School to begin a new club with new equipment to build a competitive team in the next few years. Mr. and Mrs. Dandridge, Stacey teachers and our team advisors have attended the training. Students first learned all the safety requirements for archery and now are in the field practicing for 2 hours, 2 days per week. We appreciate the talent of Mr. Duignan, a Stacey parent, for his support with getting the grant and helping us teach our students how to be great archers.

Stacey Archery ClubStacey Archery Club