Easton Foundations Gator Cup 2010

Easton Foundations Gator Cup 2010

2010 Gator Cup (2)2010 Gator Cup (1)

After many months of planning, the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex (ENSC) staff, along with the help of many wonderful volunteers, hosted the successful 2010 Gator Cup. This event was the last in a series of U.S Archery Team (USAT) national ranking tournaments. These competitions are used to determine who will become members of the USAT and to provide an opportunity to raise rolling ranking scores, which are used to determine who will be chosen to represent the U.S. at international events during the following year.

The event saw some 130, of the nations best archers competing for $20,000.00 in prize money. The event was held over three days with the winners being crowned on the final day.

The ENSC is very fortunate to be able to have such events at our complex and in the state of Florida. It is our intention to expose you, the Florida OAS participants and archers of the state to world-class events. It is doubly special as these events are close to home and are part of a series that the ENSC are hosting for the archery public (OAS as well) to promote archery and your participation in this wonderful sport.

We will again be hosting the Gator Cup in April 21-25 of next year. It has been decided that this event will also be the first selection trial for the World Championships of 2011. This will draw the best archers from the entire country to Newberry, Florida.  If you would like to help volunteer for this event or compete as an archer please contact us at:


Easton-Newberry Sports Complex

24880 NW 16th Ave

Newberry, FL 32669

Ph. 352-472-2388

Fax 352-4722375

Good shooting to you all.

Elite National Coach

ENSC Head Coach

Robert Romero

Easton-Newberry Sports Complex featured in April/May 2010 HOME Living in the Heart of Florida Magazine

Jim Easton has a dream – a pretty big dream. His dream is to someday see archery among America’s top sports, right next to baseball football and basketball.

To fulfill his dream, Easton, head of Easton Sports Inc. and an Archery Hall of Fame inductee, has developed foundations, donated millions of dollars and devoted his life and careet to the advancement of the sport.

Easton brought his dream to Newberry, where one of three nationwide Easton Archery Centers of Excellence was opened October 2009 – the state-of-the-art Easton-Newberry Sports Complex.

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The Easton Archery Center of Excellence Celebrated Its Grand Opening

NEWBERRY, Fl, November 25, 2009 – The Easton Archery Center of Excellence celebrated its grand opening on Oct. 30 in Newberry, Fla., with a full day of archery activities that was highlighted with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Easton Foundation’s Jim and Phyllis Easton, Greg Easton and Erik Watts. USA Archery CEO Denise Parker attended the festivities to learn more about the state-of-the-art archery complex.

(L-R) Greg, Phyllis and Jim Easton of the Easton Foundations at the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex Grand Opening (Photo USA Archery)

“It is exciting that Jim Easton was able to make this program come to life and give archery a larger presence throughout the country,” said Parker. “The facilities are truly exceptional and offer all archery enthusiasts an opportunity to increase their skill level.”

The Newberry facility will offer a wide variety of programs for all archers including: After School Archery Program, JOAD Clubs and accelerated JOAD Clubs, which are multiple night training programs. Also the new facility is designed to host competitive archery events, and USA Archery will host one of the 2010 USA Archery Team events in October.

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