$1.5 Million Gift from Easton Foundation to Support CSUN Archery Students and Engineering Faculty

Credit – Media Contact: Carmen Ramos Chandler

From left, Greg Easton, James L. Easton, Phyllis Easton, and Robert Gunsalus, CSUN’s vice president for university advancement, at the celebration on Oct. 22 marking the opening of a new archery range and the creation of a fellowship in CSUN’s College of Engineering and Computer Science.  The Easton family, through the Easton Foundations, have given CSUN $1.5 million for the creation of the fellowship and to bolster resources for the Olympic-style sport of archery on campus. Photo by Lee Choo.

The sporting goods manufacturing company Jas. D. Easton, Inc., has had a decades-long relationship with California State University, Northridge — from offering students hands-on training through internships to its staff working alongside faculty to investigate and solve many materials engineering challenges.

Easton is taking the relationship to the next level with a $1.5 million gift from its philanthropic arms — the Easton Foundations — for the creation of an endowment for faculty in CSUN’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Money from the gift also will be used to bolster resources for the Olympic-style sport of archery on campus.

“California State University, Northridge and the Easton companies have enjoyed a long and highly beneficial history of working together,” said CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison. “Industry involvement has played a key role in the development of our materials engineering program, and the Easton companies have been exemplary partners. The collaboration between Easton and CSUN has made an indelible imprint on Los Angeles and beyond, and this latest gift from the Easton Foundations will extend the positive impact in perpetuity.

“James L. Easton’s legacy and the Easton name will be an important part of CSUN forever,” she continued, “and hundreds of students each year will be positively affected by the engineering fellowship and the enhancements to our archery programs.”

Greg Easton said the gift honors the long relationship Jas. D. Easton, Inc. and his father, James L. Easton, had with the university over the years.


Reynaldo “Rene” Paguia, archery head coach for Associated Students sports clubs, takes the first ceremonial shot in celebration of then opening of CSUN’s new archery range. Photo by Lee Choo.

“My dad directly worked with professors at the university over the years on different projects, trying to improve materials for sporting goods,” Greg Easton said. “The question was always, how do we make a better product to bring out the best in the athletes?

“This also is a great opportunity to enhance the archery program on campus,” Easton added. He and his father are well known for their passion for the sport. Easton noted that studies have shown that young people who do archery are better able to concentrate and focus in school.

“With this gift, we’ll be able to expand the opportunities for students to take part in the sport,” he said

More than $1 million of the gift will go toward the creation and support of the James L. Easton Fellowship in Engineering Endowment in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. The college’s dean will select one faculty member from any of the college’s engineering programs to be the “Easton Foundation Engineering Fellow” for one academic year. During that time, the Easton Fellow will receive financial support for his or her teaching, research and service activities.

The remainder of the gift will be used to support CSUN’s student archery club, the creation of an on-campus archery range not far from the baseball diamond and an archery class in the Department of Kinesiology in the College of Health and Human Development.

Robert Gunsalus, CSUN’s vice president for university advancement and president of the CSUN Foundation, said the gift not only creates an opportunity for students to explore archery, but it also creates a wide variety of career opportunities.

“Countless Northridge students have served in internships and pursued successful professional careers in the Easton companies,” Gunsalus said. “Several of these Matadors have returned to their alma mater to serve on advisory boards, judge engineering competitions, and support the engineering college in other ways. This gift builds on the great relationship CSUN has had with the Easton Companies and amplifies their tremendous positive impact.”

Created by James L. Easton., the Easton Sports Development Foundation (www.esdf) was founded in 1984 with the mission of introducing the Olympic-style sport of archery to more people in Southern California. The success of that effort led to the formation in 2006 of a second Easton foundation, Easton Sports Development Foundation II. Today, the Easton foundations continue to further the sport of archery by bridging the gap between first experience and elite experience. The goal of the Easton foundations is to promote and maintain the viability of archery by growing the sport as a mainstream activity at the state, regional and national level.


USA’s NFAAF to host World Youth Championships in Yankton in 2015

The NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Center was unanimously awarded the right to host the 2015 World Youth Championships by World Archery’s Executive Board in May.

The bid, submitted by the National Field Archery Association Foundation, met all the Executive Board’s stringent criteria, designed to select the most suitable host for a World Archery Youth Championships.

To read full article, please click on this link: USA’s NFAA Foundation to host 2015 World Youth Championships

NFAA and Easton Foundations 2014 Archery Scholarship Recipients

Yankton, SD – Easton Sports Development Foundation and the National Field Archery Association Foundation are pleased to announce the Archery Scholarship Recipients for 2014.  $28,750 in total scholarships was awarded to 22 student athletes in middle school, high school, and college that compete with either compound or recurve bows.  Individual scholarship awards varied from $500 to $2500.  The top scholarships were awarded to Hunter Jackson and Michelle Gilbert.

Hunter is from Waterford, Michigan and attends Michigan State.  Michelle is from Bethesda, Maryland and is attending Texas A&M.

“Hunter and Michelle and the other recipients are all outstanding athletes that developed their archery skill in youth programs, and have become seasoned competitive archers.  We are pleased to award them scholarships for 2014”, stated Bruce Cull, President, NFAA.

NFAA Foundation Scholarships were first awarded in 1990 to student athletes that compete in archery and excel in academic and intellectual achievement.  The limitations of the original scholarship programs were resolved in 2009 with the creation of the joint NFAA Foundation/Easton Sports Development Foundation Scholarship Program.  “The Easton Sports Development and NFAA Foundations share the goal to support student athletes that compete in archery.  We believe these scholarships will help us to develop stronger college archery programs and strengthen future Olympic and World Championship Teams.  By combining our respective Foundation programs, we can award more student scholarships, and increase the scholarship levels”, said Greg Easton, President Easton Foundations.

Dave Gordon, of Gordon Composites, made a large personal contribution to the scholarship endowment fund.  Dave stated, “Archery has been a big part of both my personal and business success.  I believe the Easton Sports Development Foundation-NFAA Foundation Scholarship program is an outstanding program to support our youth archers, and allows me to give back to the sport I love.  Awarding our best archers and student athletes scholarships that allow them to pursue further education while competing in archery will help develop much stronger youth and college archery programs.  I encourage everyone that shares my passion for archery and desire to support our young archers to make their own donation to the scholarship program.”

Individuals or companies interested in donating to the scholarship endowment fund or learning more about the program are encouraged to contact Bruce Cull, NFAA President.  The NFAA Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity and all donations meet the IRS requirements as charitable donations.

Congratulations to all our 2014 Scholarship recipients!

Easton Sports Development Foundation and NFAA Foundation Scholarship

  • Hunter Jackson, Michigan–  $2500
  • Michelle Gilbert, Maryland– $2500
  • Garrett Abernethy, South Carolina– $2000
  • Jenny Han, California– $2000
  • Christopher Luman, Georgia– $2000
  • Ryan Oliver, Florida– $1500
  • Danny Button, Wisconsin– $1500
  • Jenna Ahn, California– $1500
  • Brogan Williams, Oklahoma– $1250
  • KayLeigh Rogers, Texas– $1250
  • Lexi Keller, Wisconsin– $1250
  • Karen Smith, Texas– $1000
  • Paige Pearce, California– $1000
  • Jake Besch-Stokes, Arizona– $1000
  • Geun Kim, California– $1000
  • Jin Kim, California-$1000
  • Lauren Clamon, California-$1000
  • Gabrielle Cyr, Maine– $750
  • Marcella Hebert, Wisconsin– $750
  • Daniel Cunningham, Louisiana– $500
  • Katie Alexander, Arizona– $500
  • Dave Gordon NFAA Foundation Scholarship
  • Hunter Tuveson, Minnesota– $1000

Scholarship applications, program requirements, and additional information are available on the NFAA website at www.nfaausa.com, or from the NFAA Headquarters, 800 Archery Lane, Yankton, SD  57078.  All applications for 2015 scholarships must be submitted to the NFAA Office by December 31, 2014.  For additional information contact Natalie Vollmer, NFAA Executive Secretary, at 605-260-9279 or at nvollmer@nfaausa.com.

Job Posting: Level 4 NTS Archery Coach/Archery Program Director – Yankton, SD




POSITION TITLE:  Level 4 NTS Archery Coach/Archery Program Director



As the Level IV Archery Coach/Archery Program Director of the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex, the Archery Coach will foster, promote and administer the NFAA Easton programs to improve the proficiency of archers and bowhunters at all levels. The Coach will ensure consistency of the regional training and instruction with USAA/NFAA coaching techniques and training programs.  The Coach will administer the coordination, development and implementation of the regional training programs, coordination of camps, youth organizations, school programs, clinics and seminars, instructor certification courses, curriculum updates and modification, and outreach programs to both athletes and coaches.  Strong organization and communication skills are mandatory.  Creative and innovative thinking is necessary to develop strong regional programs.  Working in a commercial archery range environment with multiple archery disciplines, clubs and organizations is mandatory.


  1. Schedule and manage all coaching clinics, instructor certification courses, training camps, and seminars at the NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex.
  2. Coordinate and administer all specific training, coaching, clinics, and instructor certification with the appropriate coaches and or instructors at the Complex.
  3. Assist in coordinating all local, state, national and international archery events held at the Complex.  Must be familiar with all styles of tournament archery events; target, field and 3-D.
  4. Administer the development and implementation of local, state archery & bowhunting training, coach development, tournaments, and other events with other Regional Archery Centers.
  5. Research and provide feedback regarding other successful programs—other sports, other Regional Archery Centers, and other countries’ programs.
  6. Perform all necessary requirements as an archery coach to fulfill the requirements of a Community Olympic Development Program (CODP) through the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).
  7. Assist NFAA & USA Archery to manage the coaching certification and renewal program with participants from the Complex.
  8. Ensure that communication with local clubs, teams, athletes, coaches, the City of Yankton, other city parks & recreation departments and other external partners (i.e. SD Game, Fish & Parks, Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, local schools) is performed in a timely and effective manner to enhance archer participation and to coordinate joint programs.
  9. Be creative and an innovative thinker, providing solutions to improve the programs and                                management of the entire Complex.
  10. Manage and administer all other coaching staff and archery range employees.
  11. Administer and provide high-level coach training for local college/university coaches by visiting their locations and coordinating regional collegiate training events and tournaments.
  12. Liaise with local school districts and provide guidance to integrate archery into their standard programs, and provide transition assistance from basic NASP to ASAP, OAS and JOAD after school programs.
  13. Perform other duties as assigned by the Complex Manager.


*Office environment in NFAA ESDF Yankton Archery Complex-Yankton, South Dakota.

*State of the Art Indoor 70 meter & Outdoor FITA Ranges, 4-28 Target Field Ranges, 2-28 Target 3-D Ranges, Classrooms & Training Rooms, Multi-use Training Room, state of the art computers.

*Some domestic & international travel may be required.

*Non-traditional work hours, including weekends and holidays.


*Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

*Experience in sport management or sport performance or HPER Athletics.

*Experience in coaching and teaching with current Level 4 NTS Certification.

*Ability to work in a commercial range environment with multiple archery disciplines, clubs and orgranizations.

*Exemplary organizational skills and attention to detail.

*Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities.

*Ability to obtain and maintain clearance to work with children-youth is a mandatory and essential component of this position and continued employment.

*Employee Management skills.

*Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

*MS Office and Mac-Apple proficiency.

*Ability to manage and work with employees/staff; coaches, instructors and volunteers.

*Strong customer service orientation.

*Creative thinker and innovator.

*Supports transparency, ethical decision-making and always acts with the highest degree of integrity.


*Standard office equipment.

*Physical fitness & training equipment.

*Standard bow tuning, setup and maintenance.

*Computer equipment-MS and Apple, AV,  Dartfish or similar archery specific training equipment.

POSITION REPORTS TO: NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex Manager


Please send resume to: 
NFAA Easton Yankton Archery Complex

Bruce Cull, Complex Manager
800 Archery Lane
Yankton, South Dakota 57078

or via email to: humanresources@nfaausa.com

Deadline for Submission:  Position will remain open until filled.

Salary Range: Commensurate to National Upper Level Coaching Positions.


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, handicap or veteran status.  All qualified applicants will be given equal opportunity.  Selection decisions are based on job-related factors.


Young Archers Target Growing Sport

By: Roger Showley 6:01 P.M.APRIL 19, 2014

For video please click here:  http://www.utsandiego.com/news/2014/apr/19/archery-olympic-center-tournament/

The south lawn at the Olympic Training Center in eastern Chula Vista wasn’t full of Easter eggs Saturday but of Legolas, Katniss Everdeen and Green Arrow wannabes, as about 75 middle school and high school archers faced off at a daylong tournament, heading toward a Southern California championship in Long Beach next month.

Organized by Olympic Archery in the Schools, the San Diego League event featured 38 targets, set 9 meters away from shooters in the lower grades and 18 meters for the high schoolers.

Dressed in T-shirts and jeans — no Robin Hoods in sight — and cheered on by their families in lawn chairs, the competitors took turns shooting three arrows in each round. They aimed at the 10-point bull’s eye with their wood and plastic bows, some outfitted with sights and stabilizer bars.

As their turns arrived, their hearts raced typically to 180 beats per minute, the tension increased by the need to remain calm, out shoot their rivals and find some way to compensate for a slight wind blowing from the west.

Keaton Chia, the program supervisor for the Easton Sports Development Foundation and the Olympic Archery in Schools program, rules on a shot by using a magnifying glass. — John Gibbins

Xander Ching, 11, a sixth grader at High Tech Middle in Chula Vista, was one of the youngest and shortest archers — but he consistently shot 9s and 10s, besting most of his taller and older rivals. He placed third in the final round.

“I get to hang out with a lot of friends, go to really cool championships and meet new people everyday,” he said in between “ends” or turns at the target.

He’s tried other sports but discovered his natural talent when his sister, Sabelle Garcia, 14, a freshman at High Tech High, also took up the sport and convinced him to try it out. She also competed Saturday.

“This is a sport where you don’t have to be tall or stronger or anything,” Xander said, adding that concentration on the target helps him focus at school.

“It’s better than playing video games all day,” his father Baron Ching said.

Keaton Chia, the program’s San Diego-based national supervisor, said interest in the sport has spiked up with the help of blockbuster movies featuring archers in “The Hunger Games,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “The Avengers” and “Brave.”

“Everyone wants to get into the sport after ‘The Hunger Games,’” Chia said.

Angelica Marasigan, 17, a junior at John Muir, the K-12 magnet school in Clairemont, said her science teacher, Vincent Stevens, recruited her to join the team when it first started last year. Her only other sport was Polynesian dancing.

“I love archery because you’re not going against anyone else (physically) — it’s an individual sport,” she said.

Looking ahead, she hopes to win an archery scholarship and major in biology at Columbia University.

Archery programs include both indoor and outdoor target practice and teams often have to improvise to set up the field, while observing strict safety rules.

La Jolla High School physics teacher Martin Teachworth said the neighborhood wouldn’t tolerate an outdoor target field, so he commandeered the cafeteria after hours and attracted 75 students at the first tryouts, curtain hung around the room to catch errant arrows.

“It’s such a nice, niche sport,” Teachworth said.

Although you only need a bow and arrows, the cost to outfit each student can run $200 or more; Olympic-level bows can cost more than $3,000 and the arrows, $50 each. But luckily, many schools receive initial funding from the Van Nuys-based Easton Sports Development Foundation, which also is building an indoor facility at the Olympic Training Center, as well as others around the country. Founder Jim Easton’s father started a sports equipment company in 1922.

“Jim Easton’s mission is getting the word out there,” said Kathy White, Easton’s executive assistant.

New Archery Center Opens in Salt Lake City

For video, please click here: http://fox13now.com/2014/04/11/new-archery-center-opens-in-salt-lake-city/

SALT LAKE CITY — Steve Anderson has been competing in archery since he was 13.

Now he’s working to be a world champion, and he said with the opening of the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center, he’ll be able to take his skills to a whole new level.

“This is just the extra edge I need that maybe some other guys in the world don’t have,” said Steve Anderson, a professional archer.

The $12 million training facility is more 60,000 square feet in size with several shooting ranges, indoor and outdoor, and also a 3D course.

“This is an incredible building,” Anderson said. “I’ve been around the world shooting archery, and there’s nothing like this. There are others that are similar, but nothing that has everything that this one has.”

The Easton Archery Center is first of its kind in many ways. Not only does it have shooting ranges, but there is advanced technology testing, meeting and classroom space, a gym, a sports medical room and a workshop.

“People will come from all over the world, literally, to shoot here,” said Denise Parker, Local Archery Olympian

But the facility isn’t just for the experts – even if you’ve never picked up a bow and arrow – there are certified instructors here to give one -on-one training.

“The great thing about archery is everyone can shoot together,” said Greg Easton, the president of Easton Foundations. “You can be there with your kid, your grandmother, having fun and shooting archery.”

Having this facility will put Utah on the map with archers from around the world, and it may even help future Olympians prepare.

“There are no words to describe how amazing it is to have the world’s best facility in our backyard,” Parker said. “I definitely think this will lead to more Olympians coming out of Utah.”

The archery center will attract and host major archery events like the world cups and world championships, bringing economic impact to the state.

Easton Salt Lake Archery Center Announces Grand Opening

SLC Logo


Salt Lake City, Utah – April 8, 2014 – On Tuesday, April 15, Easton Foundations will open a new state-of-the-art archery training center in Salt Lake City, providing Utah with one of the world’s premier archery training venues.  This world-class facility boasts one of the largest dedicated indoor ranges in the world and also has outdoor and 3D ranges.  The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center will provide superior performance training for teams and individual athletes both locally and around the world.

A private VIP luncheon is scheduled for Friday, April 11th, followed by a public open house on Saturday, April 12, 2014 from 11am-3pm located at 575 N. John Glenn Road in Salt Lake City.  Attendees will be able to watch Olympic archers compete, test their own archery skills, and enjoy a barbeque lunch.  chery training center in Salt Lake City, providing Utah with one of the world’s premier archery training venues.  This world-class facility boasts one of the largest dedicated indoor ranges in the world and also has outdoor and 3D ranges.  The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center will provide superior performance training for teams and individual athletes both locally and around the world.

“The Easton Foundation is excited to see the next step in our founder’s vision become a reality.  This Center is the first of its kind in many ways.  It will move us closer to fulfilling our vision of increasing archery participation and raising the skill of U.S. Archers by creating a seamless path from the introduction to archery through top-level training,” said Greg Easton, President of the Easton Foundations.  “We look forward to welcoming local, national, and international archers to Salt Lake City and working with our sister centers in Newberry Florida, Yankton South Dakota, Chula Vista California (at the Olympic Training Center), and our affiliated centers.”

The $12 million training facility totals over 60,000 square feet and features shooting venues that accommodate shooting: indoors, indoor/outdoor, covered, outdoor, and 3D.  Additionally, the facility is equipped with technologically advanced testing, meeting and classroom space, a gym, sports med room, and workshop.

New for Utah’s archery community will be a training center that will provide open shooting, leagues, regional and national and international events, specialty camps and clinics, instructor certification courses and opportunities to train one-on-one with certified instructors and coaches.

“This new facility will provide a valuable resource for developing archery in our community and puts Salt Lake County on the map with archers from around the world, including, perhaps our future Olympians,” said Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams.

The new facility will enhance Utah’s ability to attract and host major archery events, including world cups and world championships that bring significant economic impact and media exposure to the state.  Utah has previously hosted the 2009 Youth World Championships, and World Cups in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

Jeff Robbins, president and CEO of the Utah Sports Commission stated, “Adding this premier facility to the list of Utah’s Olympic and other world-class venues, continues to diversify and broaden our sports infrastructure and helps us perpetuate the state’s sport and Olympic legacy strategy.”Utah Sports Logo

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center is a project of the Easton Foundations, which has a network of regional training facilities working together for archery excellence.                 They serve the needs of shooters whether the goal is recreation, Olympic gold, or anything in between.

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center Features:

  • 70m indoor range
  • 90m outdoor range
  • 3D range
  • Workshop
  • Testing
  • Meeting and Classrooms
  • Gym
  • Sports Med Room

For Immediate Release

For further information:

Mackenzie Madsen

(385) 210-1550


Carl Greene Hired as Director of Archery…


From: Caren Sawyer, Executive Director

Date: March 10, 2014

Carl Greene Hired as Director of Archery for the Easton Newberry Sports Complex

Newberry, FL—Easton Sports Development Foundation is pleased to announce the hiring of Carl Greene as the Director of Archery for the Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Newberry, Florida.

Carl, a USA Archery Level 5 Coach, will be responsible for all archery activities at the Newberry facility. As Director of Archery, Carl will report directly to Robert Romero, Director of Coaching.  Carl will be relocating to the Newberry, FL area from Georgia to be closer to the center.

Carl brings with him an extensive archery background including:

  • USA Archery Level V National Training System Coach
  • USA Archery Level IV Class trainer
  • USA Archery ITS Staff 2013 & 2014
  • USA Archery Junior Dream Team Red-Team Coach
  • USCA Board Member 2012 & 2013
  • Georgia Shooting Sports Foundation Treasurer
  • GA 4-H S.A.F.E. State Advisory Board
  • GA 4-H S.A.F.E. State Training Board
  • Head coach of Southern Eagles Archery Team at Georgia Southern University
  • Head coach of The Range JOAD archery program
  • Owner of The Range / Statesboro Archery Pro Shop

Carl has been shooting a bow for over 35 years.  He began his coaching career in 2004 with a local 4-H program and since then has continued as part of the Georgia State Training and Advisory board and, through his work with USA Archery, he has trained many coaches and coached his own students to local, state, and national titles.

“The Easton Foundation is pleased to have Carl join our team, stated Greg Easton, President of the Easton Foundation.  His experience in business and as an archery coach will serve him well in leading the team in Newberry.”

“We are extremely pleased to have Carl Greene join the elite team of archery coaches within the Easton Foundations. Carl’s exceptional coaching and management capabilities are key assets in furthering our mission of creating the coaching infrastructure needed to address the growing number of new archers coming into the sport. Carl’s Elite Level coaching status and National Trainer experience offer the skill sets necessary to develop and fully implement those programs. We are extremely happy to have Carl join the Easton Foundations family.” stated Don Rabska, V.P. Easton Foundations.

Carl’s response to joining the Easton Foundations’ team reflects his professional attitude toward the position, “It is an honor to be selected by the Easton Foundations to fill the position of the ‘Director of Archery Programs’ in Newberry, FL.  I look forward to working with the staff and clubs to promote the future of archery and the role of a ‘Community Olympic Development Program’.”

Robert Romero, Director of Coaching stated, “With Carl Greene coming on board as the Director of Archery Programs of our Newberry Florida center, I feel that the our programs will continue to grow in a direction that will suit not only our new CODP designation but also the Newberry and North Central Florida community. Carl brings with him high level coaching experience as well as a very successful grassroots program knowledge that will help guide our center into the future.”

For additional information contact Ms. Caren Sawyer, Executive Director, at 818-901-0127 Ext. 104, or at csawyer@esdf.org.

About the Easton Foundations:

The Easton Foundations’ aim is to keep archery a viable part of the sporting culture in communities across the United States.  Founded during the 1982 Olympics by Jim Easton, the founder and former CEO of Easton Sports, Inc., the Foundation actively works to introduce the Olympic sport of archery to communities across the country.  It supports the training of aspiring archers, trainers, coaches, and administrators and building of archery facilities at city parks, schools, universities and sports complexes.

The Easton Foundations encourages and engages youth to participate and develop skills in the sports of archery, baseball, softball, ice hockey, and cycling.  It contributes to selected 501(c)(3) charitable groups and universities that share its vision of excellence and innovation in sports programs, business and engineering education, and medical research.

Position Announcement: Administrative Assistant/Coach

Easton Sports Development Foundation/Easton Salt Lake Archery Center

Position Title: Administration Assistant/Coach



  • Assist facility Director in managing all archery programs.
  • Assist with day to day operations.
  • Assist with facility maintenance, programs and event coordination.
  • Assist in overseeing and maintaining the indoor and outdoor target and 3-D ranges.
  • Assist in the oversight of community-based archery programs, including college teams, leagues, tournaments and events.
  • Assist, or conduct, archery instructor training courses.
  • Assist with record keeping for facility archery programs.
  • Assist in promotional efforts to increase programs and participation.
  • Manage and inventory the facility’s archery program equipment.
  • Travel, as needed, to coaching seminars and other functions related to the job.
  • Facilitate equipment upkeep, organization and maintenance for all program equipment.
  • Assist with updating of the website calendar. (Events, general information, press releases, photos and other web-based information).
  • Manage online registration and scheduling of classes and activities.
  • Assist in coordinating all elements of incoming groups, international or domestic.
  • Assist facility Director with equipment orders, range set-up and all other functions related to normal operation of the center.
  • Maintain good attendance.
  • Must have strong organizational skills.
  • Support Director of archery and maintain good working relationships with other staff members.


  • Have a strong archery background.
  • US Archery Level III or above coaching certification or level II with a minimum of 4 years of competitive or archery coaching experience.
  • Be knowledgeable in archery tournament/competition setup and operation.
  • The ability to use Dartfish, Quicktime and other photo/video analysis software programs or the willingness to learn such programs.
  • Must be able to work with children, adults and special needs persons in a public environment on a daily basis.
  • Must be able to work all scheduled hours including evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Be able to work in an English-speaking environment.
  • Have a valid driver’s license.
  • The ability to manage part-time employees, volunteers and contract services.
  • Learn to operate the registration software (Rec 1).
  • Have the ability to use the MS Office suite software and have general knowledge of daily office operations and equipment.
  • Social Media usage skills.
  • Will be lifting and moving targets up to 50 pounds and other physical functions as needed.


  • Demonstrate commitment, drive and initiative to achieve facility and program outcomes and requirements.
  • Self-motivated and able to work both independently and as part of a team.
  • Must be proficient in USA Archery’s National Training System (NTS), or be willing to learn.
  • Proficient in second language viz., Spanish, French, German.
  • Proficient in the use of power and hand tools


  • Standard office equipment
  • Physical fitness & training equipment
  • Standard bow tuning, setup and maintenance re-curve and compound.
  • Computer equipment, AV, Dartfish or similar archery specific training and high-speed camera equipment.


POSITION REPORTS TO: Easton Salt Lake Archery Center Archery Programs Director.

Please email resume to:   keldredge@esdf.org

Deadline for Submission:  Position will remain open until filled.

Salary Range:  Negotiable, commensurate to experience, education and training.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, handicap or veteran status.  All qualified applicants will be given equal opportunity.  Selection decisions are based on job-related factors.

In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle and work environment the Easton Foundation is Tobacco free.

Outdoor Adventure Center Opening Soon

The Brookings Register

Written By:  Charis Prunty

OAC interior 431Brookings – The keys were turned over today, and now the board members and director of Outdoor Adventure Center of South Dakota are ready to get rolling.  President Jim Pickard said shooting sports teams have already practiced at the Brookings facility and the non-profit center hopes to be in full operation by the end of January.

Their website is here: http://oacofsd.org/archery-range/