Stacey Middle School in Westminster, California receives Grant from the Easton Foundations to start an Archery Club

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Jack Dandridge and the Stacey Archery Club
Jack Dandridge and the Stacey Archery Club

The Stacey Archery Club is off and running with 22 students who are eager to become competitive archers. A funding grant from the Easton Foundations allowed Stacey Middle School to begin a new club with new equipment to build a competitive team in the next few years. Mr. and Mrs. Dandridge, Stacey teachers and our team advisors have attended the training. Students first learned all the safety requirements for archery and now are in the field practicing for 2 hours, 2 days per week. We appreciate the talent of Mr. Duignan, a Stacey parent, for his support with getting the grant and helping us teach our students how to be great archers.

Stacey Archery ClubStacey Archery Club