Find out more about our 3D League!

ESLACs 3D League will be a 15 target, ASA Scoring round. This league will be fun and exciting.  If you are new to this kind of thing we will explain it to you. Whether you are an avid hunter/3D shooter, or someone just looking for something new in a fun, inviting environment- join our 10 week 3D League TODAY!

Price: $100 pre-pay

-You can pay nightly,(no registration now) although you need to email ablain@esdf.org to let him know you will still be in attendance.

– If you pay nightly the price is $15 per night

Equipment: Not Provided

Day/ Time: Thursdays 6:30-9pm

Prerequisite: none

Target Ranges: 4-75yds

10-week league, completed consecutively

          2 Man teams

    Please email ablain@esdf.org if you already have a team, or a random team will be chosen for you.

Register HERE.

Easton Salt Lake Archery Center employee earns his Level 4 USA Archery Coach Certification

By Trevor Thornton
December 18 2017

We are excited to announce that Brett Litzler has achieved his level 4 USAA coaching certification. Brett started with the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center in Jan of 2016 and has been a key part of our growth and program development.

Brett bought his first bow in November of 2011 and never looked back! He began learning under the instruction of Mr. Richard Tone, the former head coach of the United States Olympic team. In no time, he was hooked! The thrill of competition always keeps him fueled, as well as wanting more knowledge and experience in archery.

Brett has competed in many competitions, from small local shoots, to world ranking events. In 2015, Brett won the Arizona state Indoor Recurve Championship, and placed 2nd in the Arizona State Outdoor Championships to a 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist.

“I’m excited to learn, I’m excited to get a bow in people’s hands, I’m excited to teach them that this is fun, and you can really do anything you want in archery.” Brett states. Brett was the Program Coordinator for one of the first “Retail Archery Academy’s” in the country and his main goal is to, “grow and change the sport of archery”.

We are pleased to have him as part of the Easton Foundations. We look forward to his new knowledge and how it can help grow the sport of archery. Congratulations Brett, on a well-deserved accomplishment.


Archery Tag? Cosmic? Skeet? Say What?

From Corporate Events, a night out with friends, to Birthday Parties the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center will make you feel right at home. Below are some of our options for these special events; please be aware that we do offer special pricing for Birthdays, and Corporate Events so please call for more information.

Archery Tag

Think of the coolest video game you’ve ever played with bows and arrows…… Now, come to ESLAC today and play Archery Tag. This game will get your heart going and all of your friends pumped! Participants will be running around shooting each other with foam tipped arrows and facemasks. Dip, dive, dodge, catch arrows in mid-air to bring your teammates back in the game! Call and reserve today!

Price: $20 per person/ 1 hour sessionIMG_1199

Age: 10 years of age or older

Equipment: Provided by Easton Foundations

Day/ Time: Call 801-523-5232 to reserve

Prerequisite: none

*Must reserve 24 hours in advance. All participants must show up 15 minutes early. Minimum 8 people to book, and a maximum of 12.

Skeet Archery

Have you ever wondered if you could hit a target in mid-air with a bow and arrow? Well here is your chance! Experience the awesome sport of archery by shooting foam targets out of the air. We will set you up with equipment, show you how it’s done, and send you on your way to a great time with Skeet Archery. Skeet Archery is great for: trying archery for the first time, dates, family days, birthdays, and friends.

Price: $20 per person/ 1 hour sessionIMG_0162

Age: 10 years of age or older

Equipment: Provided by Easton Foundations

Day/ Time: Call 801-523-5232 to reserve

Prerequisite: none

*Must reserve 24 hours in advance. All participants must show up 15 minutes early. Maximum of 15 shooters.

 Cosmic Archery

Come visit us at the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center for a fun night out with friends. Cosmic Archery is the exact same concept as Cosmic Bowling. We turn the lights off and the music on in our Cosmic Archery Range! Black lights, strobe lights, bows and arrows. Cosmic Archery is great for: trying archery for the first time, date night, family night, fun with friends, birthdays, and so much more. Book your Cosmic Archery night now! 

Price: $20 per person/per hour

Age: 8 years of age or older

Equipment: Provided by Easton Foundations

 Day/ Time: Thursday from 6:30-7:30pm

 Prerequisite: none

Scout Outing

Just a fun night out with the boys or girls. Shooting to have fun, or a good team building activity. A coach will be provided to go over safety and basic shooting tips, and to help run the games.

Price:$10 per person for a 1 hour session, 10 person max

Age: 8 years of age or older

Equipment: Provided by Easton Foundations

Day/ Time: Call 801-523-5232 to reserve

Prerequisite: none

*Must reserve 24 hours in advance. All participants must show up 15 minutes early. Max 10 people.

Scout Merit Badge

Our coaches are Archery Councilors for the BSA. From start to finish we provide all the necessary requirements to sign off on your scout groups merit badge cards. We go over range safety, upkeep on equipment, and shooting for score.

2 Sessions: 1-One hour session of technique

1-One and one half hour session for scoring and arrow fletching

Price:$35 per person

Age: 8 years of age or older

Equipment: Provided by Easton Foundations

Day/ Time: Call 801-523-5232 to reserve

Prerequisite: none

*Can be done in one day, although we do suggest multiple sessions for retention, and practice at home. This has proven to have higher passing percentages. Max 10 people.


December 2016

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center has been as busy as ever! We’ve seen classes, corporate events, team visits and more the last few months.

We held a level I and II coach certification class the first week of August and people came in from all over Utah as well as Montana, Oklahoma, New York and even Turkey. They spent two days learning in the conference room, shooting in the indoor range as well as touring the library and the rest of the center. Everyone left happy and we got a few glowing reviews on Facebook from this course.

probar-partyThe following week we had ProBar, one of our corporate members, utilize everything the facility has to offer during their summer staff party. They took a break from their workday and came over to shoot the Olympic distance, compete in archery tag, shoot at glowing targets in the cosmic room and try their hand at skeet archery. We really enjoyed having them in the center and love getting the chance to show people just how much fun archery can be!

Also in August we had a JDT camp at the center. They worked hard indoors all week and spent one afternoon letting loose and playing archery tag and shooting skeet. TOP Archery Canada also spent a week with us. They spent time in the classroom with guest lecturers, range time with coaches and they also made time for archery tag while they were here. We love hosting these youth camps and watching these kids learn and achieve their goals.

rural-water-association-team-buildingSeptember and October were filled with corporate team building groups. Departments from Clearlink, Intermountain Healthcare, Rural Water Association of Utah and more have come in to learn a new skill and come together as teams to figure out how to best achieve a common goal during our team building round.   We also saw several birthday parties in the center.   Everyone who comes in for any of these activities is invited to come back and join us for our “FUN”damentals classes.

We’ve had several staff changes in the center the last couple of months. Trevor Thornton was promoted to Center Director. Trevor has been working at the center since the beginning and is passionate about the Easton Foundations and is striving to continue moving the center in a positive direction.   Alli Rutland was promoted from Administrative Assistant to Center Manager and Wendy Brimley was hired as our Events Coordinator. Wendy will be taking over all aspects of the events we hold in the center and has brought a positive energy to the center that everyone loves. We also hired Amber on as a receptionist after over a year of working for us through a staffing service. We’re excited to have her on as an official part of the Salt Lake team. All of the staff here at the center are looking forward to working together to help the center reach its full potential.


2017 #IndoorNationals

Easton Salt Lake Archery Center

March 10 – 12, 2017

U.S. National Indoor Championships and JOAD National Indoor Championships.

For All National Indoor and JOAD National Indoor questions, contact the Event Organizer at the location where you wish to participate.

The U.S. National Indoor Championships and the JOAD National Indoor Championships are 2 separate events held at the same venue over a 3-day weekend and contested at different regional sites throughout the U.S.

Youth archers may compete in both the U.S. National Indoor Championships and the JOAD National Indoor or just one of the two events.

*Please remember that JOAD archers may change age classes for 2017. Click here to determine age class if you are unsure.

Senior and Master divisions may compete only in the U.S. National Indoor Championships.

For JOAD Indoor Nationals Registration, click HERE.

For Indoor Nationals Registration, click HERE.

Interested In Archery?

Try Archery 

Interested in archery? Never held a bow before? Not sure where to begin? This two-hour introduction to archery is your place to start! Click HERE for more information.  

 “Fun” damentals

Taken our Try Archery class and want to know what the next step is? “Fun”damentals is the next step in your journey! Click HERE for more information.

The Archers Group 

The ESLAC Archers Group is a night of shooting that consists of 2 things; fun and challenges. Think of it as more of a social “league”; no pressure shooting with other archers. Click HERE for more information.

Brass Tacks

Easton Salt Lake Archery Center’s Brass Tacks course is a 6 week course that introduces archers to the National Training System. Click HERE for more information.

Members Only Bow Tuning Class

This is a one day extensive class on bow tuning for Easton Salt Lake Archery Center Members only. This course is compound specific, click HERE for more information.

August 2016 Newsletter

By Lynn Stuart

Aug 2016.2The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center has been focusing on promoting the sport of archery in a variety of ways. Archery Tag is now part of our repertoire. There has been an enormous amount of fun had by all those that have played. We started Archery Tag off one evening with a youth group for a couple of hours.  Ever since then, word has spread that we have this new element at our center. We know this as we were challenged to a competition by another company in the area to have an Archery Tag battle against them.  Our corporate members; Woulf Engineering, Hoyt and Easton have been here taking advantage of this great way to get some exercise, work together, devise team strategies and ultimately take down the opposing team.

Aug 2016We have had several big events here and it was an honor for us to be a part of the 36th National Veteran’s Wheelchair Games. Over a hundred archers competed against each other and the competition was evident. One of the athletes competing during the games was Happy Barton. She served in the Navy as an electronics technician and radio repairman. Happy was injured while serving in Desert Storm.  She has been training at our center with her coach; our own Coach Brett Litzler.  Her coach said “When Happy came to us she stated; ‘I want my Gold Medal!’ During the games, Happy stayed calm, cool and collected.  We worked on some mental training and focus. These aspects really paid off for Happy. She ended up shooting over 50 points higher than she did last year at the games. Happy received the Gold Medal in her division.”  Happy said that she was completely shocked and thrilled.

We welcomed the Bow Hunting Roundtable for a couple of days and this hard working group decided to compete against each other as they played Archery Tag in our indoor range. They also took advantage of our archery skeet machine and had several rounds of target practice on our outdoor range. There is some great video of this on our Facebook page.

Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife held their annual banquet in our center for the second year in a row. Our indoor range provided all the space they needed for target practice, shooting 3D animals and skeet. It was fun to see the wide variety of people and their families enjoying themselves as they perused through the huge selection of auction items, placed bids, and waited to see what they won.

We hosted the Big Sky Open and the weather was fantastic. Hundreds of people came from across the country to be a part of this. Both our indoor and outdoor ranges provided plenty of space for the variety of shooting distances. Not only was this a great few days for shooting archery, but also vendors were able to utilize our Embrasure room to showcase their products. We look forward to being a part of this event next year.

We celebrated Olympic Day by opening the center to show support for the upcoming Olympics. Everyone was welcome to spend time in the center, free of charge. This was a fantastic way to showcase the center. Shooting the Olympic distance was a highlight of the day and many people were amazed at how difficult it is to hit any part of the target from so far away. In addition, we offered Cosmic Archery inside and Archery Skeet and Archery Tag on the outdoor range. Many people took advantage of the indoor range as we had a Try Archery class for those that were interested.

We will have Team Japan at the center as they prepare for the Olympics and this is an honor for us to be their training facility. The USA Para team will also utilize the center in preparation for the Olympics.

USA Archery Board of Directors held their Board of Directors meeting at our center. Corporate groups reserve meeting space and then end their time with one of our archery options. We had PRO BAR shoot skeet and Salt Lake Community Action Program play Archery Tag on the outdoor range. Fidelity Investments & Golden Living Senior Citizens group came here to do a team-building round on the indoor range.

We have an Archers Group, once a week, where archers can come and socialize and shoot without any pressure. In addition, our coaches are providing private lessons. Birthday parties are a popular event especially in our Cosmic Archery room. Scout groups are coming in to finish up a merit badge or shooting for fun.

Our summer camps have included groups from the National History Museum and Camp U from the University of Utah. These young archers enjoyed themselves as they were taught about safety and shooting technique, and shot arrows from 3 different stations throughout the center. Each camper was given information about our “Fun”damentals course and they were invited to return and join this great class.

We continue to have a great interest in our Try Archery, “Fun”damentals, 18 + Fundamentals, Intermediate and Brass Tacks classes. Those archers spending time each week, in these courses, not only learn about archery, but they are having fun as they spend time together.  These weekly classes will take place for the remainder of the summer.








Welcome Corporate Member – Woulf Engineering

Woulf Black LogoOur unlimited members and corporate members are a big part of center.  We enjoy having them here shooting and taking advantage of all the perks that come with our memberships.  Our newest corporate member is Woulf Engineering.  They have been a huge part of helping us with many different projects.  They are currently building more of our target stands that will be placed on our outdoor range for larger tournaments and the World Cup.  We are excited to have them a part of our center and look forward to many years enjoying the sport of archery with them.

Updates from the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center

By Lynn Stuart

The Easton Salt Lake Archery Center was awarded the “Best of 2016 in Salt Lake City” in the Archery Ranges category. This makes it 2 years in a row and has placed us in the Business Hall of Fame for Salt Lake City.  We are very proud to accept this honor and will continue to keep the center at this level.

The center has been busy with site tours, birthday parties, scout groups, youth groups, members, and general public using both the indoor and outdoor ranges. We have had a wide variety of activities that have helped grow the sport of archery, which include; team-building activities for many organizations as well as private lessons, a winter league, and weekend practices for JOAD. We hosted the Beehive – Wasatch Bowhunters youth league, a spring fling shoot, try archery, and basic 2 and basic 3 classes. We anticipate an increase in the intermediate class coming from basic 2 and basic 3 shooters.

IMG_0226.1During January and February, a 3D league was held in our indoor range for HOYT and Easton. These shooters spent a few hours together each week and they were in charge of the set up and take down for the 6-week league. It was great to see everyone working together as they created the indoor 3D landscape as the animal targets were put into place throughout the range. In March we were pleased, once again, to have the opportunity to host the 2016 JOAD and Indoor Nationals.  Hundreds of archers participated and the energy level was evident from the start. It was great to see our center full of competitive shooters and help them have an awesome experience.  As the weekend event progressed the center transformed into a community of shooters, meeting new people and being reunited with friends and family. The judges and staff put in many hours and did a fantastic job in facilitating these events.  The pictures on our Facebook page have captured some great aspects of the national experience. Our Facebook page reaches so many people and is a true showcase for the versatility of the center.

Shortly after the National events, The Junior Dream Team set up shop for a week and had an enjoyable time being coached while utilizing our indoor range for shooting and working on balance. Many of the team used our workshop for their bows, and our high-speed camera for technique and shot analysis. As a result, each team member heightened their individual skills as they worked together as a team. As their camp concluded they were the first group to have fun with one of our latest acquisitions; an archery skeet machine. Not only did the JDT campers shoot flu-flu arrows at foam disks in the air, but the JDT coaches did as well. It was great to see the competitive nature of the coaches’ surface.

New landscapingLandscaping modifications are evolving at the center. We are eliminating all of the grass at the back of the property around the outdoor field and replacing it with turf that will extend to the west and east sides of the property.  In the long run this will reduce the amount of money spent on watering costs, landscaping costs and controlling the mosquitos during the warm weather.  We are also adding rock to the back berm and clearing out all the berms on the 3D range to create one big open space. This area will be used as the practice field during the World Cup and will open up more opportunities to hold larger outdoor tournaments.  We will still be able to utilize the space for our 3D range and shoots. We now have the ability to create larger and different animal layout scenarios.

We are looking forward to opportunities to grow the sport of archery over the next few months and into the summer. Our center activities calendar is filling up and we look forward to playing archery tag as well as using our archery hover ball game and archery skeet machine.