Rocky Mountain Classic “V” Formation

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Easton Salt Lake Archery Center presents the Rocky Mountain Classic!

We are extremely excited for this shoot, and we hope that you all will be excited to shoot in it!

Our Rocky Mountain Classic is a “V” formation, with ranges varying from 20-65 yards depending on your division.

This shoot will be broken up into 3 categories: Money, Fun, and Youth, which you will select from the menu below.

Note: Once you have reached the registration page, click the “Event Registration” Tab. Once there you will see the Rocky Mountain Classic registration.

Click Here To See the Layout of the field and how the tournament will function RMC Bales 2

Price: Will depend on your division

Money $50

Fun $25

Youth $20


Youth will shoot 20-50yds

All other divisions will shoot 20-65yds

3 arrows at each distance, in 5 yard increments

Age: Youth is all shooters up to 17 years of age

All other divisions are 18+

Registration: Online ONLY 

Registration will close July 13th at 11:59 PM

Date: July 28,2018

Times: There will be 2 line times, Saturday 9am and 2pm

Award Ceremony will be held at 7:30 pm.

Register HERE

Note: Once registration closes we will assign you a shooting time which will posted online no later than 3 days before the shoot. We will group like shooters with like shooters.