Halloween Shoot!

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Register HERE

Price: $14

Age: Fill out age, gender, and bow type upon registration

Equipment: Must provide your own

Prerequisites and Requirements: You MUST register online, registration will close October 21 at 12am. There is NO on site registration, only check-in.


  • October 28, 2017
  • Check-in opens at 11am
  • Shoot will begin at 12am(end time may vary) to 4pm
  • Once shooting is complete, and score cards are confirmed, awards will be presented.


·   60 arrow ranking round

·   Recurve, Compound, Barebow

Target selection:

·   Recurves/Barebow will shoot: 18m distance -40cm single or 40cm triangle,25m distance -60cm single or 60cm vertical 3-spot

·   Compound will shoot: 18m distance-40cm single or 40cm triangle, 25m distance -all compound archers are required to shoot a 60cm vertical 3 spot target


·   Age Division is determined by your age as of December 31st of this year.

“Senior”, (any age)

“Masters 50+”, (Born in/or before 1966)

“Junior” through the calendar year of their 20th birthday

“Cadet” through the calendar year of their 17th birthday

“Cub” through the calendar year of their 14th birthday

“Bowman” through the calendar year of their 12th birthday


• 18m and 25m-30 arrows at each distance


Please contact Brett Litzler at blitzler@esdf.org for questions or concerns. Thank you.

Register HERE