Archery Range

The format of the Park Archery League requires minimal space for an archery range which can be setup either indoors or outdoors.  Only 2 targets are needed for a league game and a distance of 9 meters or 18 meters for the shooting length depending on the ages of your archers.

Our staff can work with you to determine how much space is needed for your particular program and ensure that the proper safety measure are available.



  • 9 meters from targets to shooting line for ages 14 and under
  • 18 meters from targets to shooting line for ages over 14
  • 3 meters between the shooting line and waiting line
  • 5 meters for equipment and archers
  • 5 meters for spectators
  • Additional safety zones depending on range location


  • Each archer gets an 80cm space on the shooting line
  • Typically 2 archers will shoot at a target, side by side. Thus a 160cm wide lane is needed per target.  For a league game with two targets set up, 320cm total would be needed.
  • During practice sessions you can have up to 3 archers shooting at a target at the same time. Thus 240cm would be needed per target.


For an indoor range, certain safety precautions are needed:

  • An arrow curtain will need to be hung behind the targets. Portable volleyball net stands or basketball hoops can be used to hang the net.
  • The curtain should be hung freely and not pulled taut as it works by ‘catching’ any missed arrows.
  • 6-12” of extra netting should be left on the ground.
  • The net should not protect life or property.
  • Doors that are not behind the waiting line should be locked with signs on the outside stating that archery is in session.


For an outdoor range, additional safety zones will need to be marked off.

  • 50 meters or a large hill is needed behind the targets
  • 15 meters on either side of the range
  • Perimeter of the range including safety zones need to be roped off so that people do not accidently walk into the area.


For league games a finals venue can also be setup to provide a unique competition experience for both the archers and spectators.  With this setup, spectators are drawn into the event more and can better enjoy the games while maintaining a safe viewing area.