SoCal Showdown Gold Medal Finals at the San Diego County Fair

Tabitha Lipkin checks out the Archery SoCal Showdown in Del Mar

JUN 30 2016 12:14PM ET

Fox Sports San Diego

In this week’s Just Another Sports Segment, Tabitha Lipkin hits up the San Diego County Fair where the Archery SoCal Showdown is taking place featuring world-class competitors.  View video here  http://www.foxsports.com/video?vid=716048451572




Keaton Chia

92130’s Keaton Chia has been passionate about archery since 2005. Keaton started working with the Olympic Archery in School Program (OAS) to help create a unique archery league for middle schools and high schools. The program was created by the Easton Sports Development Foundation, giving young people the opportunity to participate and excel in archery. The USA Archery Resident Athlete program is based at the Easton center as well, where many Olympic hopefuls train. Keaton said about working with Olympians, “You’re surrounded by dreamers. It’s a tough journey, so to see what kind of character they have in order to persevere and achieve this dream is amazing.”

Keaton’s work with OAS has also given him the opportunity to follow his own dream of making archery more accessible for others. He appreciates being able to make a positive impact on young people. Learn more at www.esdf.org.



June 22, 2016 COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The United States Olympic Committee today announced a record-setting participation for Olympic Day 2016, with 2,120 events scheduled in 1,503 communities across the country expected to engage more than 800,000 Americans in celebration of the Olympic Movement.

Olympic Day, celebrated globally on June 23, has been recognized each year since 1948 to commemorate the birth of the modern Olympic Games on June 23, 1894. An International Olympic Committee initiative, the mission of Olympic Day is to promote the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect – and the three Olympic Day pillars – move, learn and discover – around the world.

“With the Rio Games fast approaching, we are thrilled to see so many Team USA athletes, National Governing Bodies and Multi-Sport Organizations celebrating Olympic Day and promoting the values of Olympism to the next generation of Olympic and Paralympic athletes,” said USOC CEO Scott Blackmun. “The growth and popularity of Olympic Day underscore the important role that sport can play in the community, and we look forward to some great events this summer.”

In 2016, Olympic Day activities are being held on six continents with several thousand events worldwide and more than 160 participating National Olympic Committees.

LA 2024, the LA84 Foundation and the Foundation for Global Sport Development will co-host an Olympic Day event at the iconic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where more than 500 young Angelenos will be able to rotate through eight Olympic and Paralympic sport stations, led by Olympic athletes, LA84 Foundation grantee programs, and local sport and adaptive programs.

“We’re honored to be able to celebrate the Olympic Movement with the youth of Los Angeles,” said Janet Evans, LA 2024 vice chair and director of athlete relations. “As a city with a ready-made connection to youth culture, Olympic Day is a unique opportunity to get a taste of what it means to inspire the next generation around the positive and powerful values of sport and Olympism.”

The U.S. Tennis Association is hosting the most Olympic Day events of any individual organization with 354 events planned at local courts across the country, followed by USA BMX, which is hosting 248 events. Forty-three National Governing Bodies and four High Performance Management Organizations and their affiliated clubs will host a total of 1,193 events in honor of Olympic Day.

“Many think that our window to celebrate the Olympic Movement occurs only once every two years,” said five-time Olympic medalist in swimming, John Naber. “By celebrating Olympic Day, we get to share our love of the Movement every year, and we also get to grow the size of our extended Olympic family.”

Olympic Day events in the U.S. are heavily supported by members of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic family, and the following member organizations have registered to participate in 2016 Olympic Day activities:

• Adaptive Sports USA (Formerly Wheelchair and Ambulatory Sports USA)
• Amateur Athletic Union
• American Legion Youth Activities
• BlazeSports America
• Boy Scouts of America
• Boys & Girls Clubs of America
• Catholic Youth Organization
• Community Olympic Development Programs
• Community Partners
• Disabled Sports USA
• Jewish Community Centers
• Maccabi USA
• National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
• National Association of Police Athletic League
• National Collegiate Athletic Association
• National Congress of State Games
• National Federation of State High Schools Association
• National Governing Bodies
• National Recreation and Parks Association
• National Senior Games Association
• Olympic Training Centers
• Paralympic Sport Clubs
• SHAPE America (Formerly AAHPERD)
• Special Olympics, Inc.
• U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Sites
• Underwater Society of America
• United States Air Force
• United States Army
• United States Association of Blind Athletes
• United States Coast Guard
• United States Marine Corps
• United States Navy
• United States Olympians and Paralympians Association
• US Orienteering Federation
• US Polo Association
• USA Dance
• USA Football
• USA Ultímate
• USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council
• YMCA of the USA
• YWCA of the USA

For more information on Olympic Day celebrations in the U.S. or to find an event, visit Team USA – Olympic Day, email: OlympicDay@usoc.org, or follow and join the social conversation using the #OlympicDay hashtag. Additional Olympic Day resources can be found on the International Olympic Committee’s website, Olympic Day.

LA84 Hosts 500 Young Athletes for Olympic Day 2016

Olympic DayFive hundred young athletes participated in Los Angeles’ Olympic Day 2016 celebration Thursday, hosted by the LA84 Foundation and LA 2024. Inside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the main site of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games, youth from across LA took part in nine Olympic and Paralympic sports while learning from Olympians, LA84 grantee programs, and local sport and adaptive programs. The event was cosponsored by Nike and the Foundation for Global Sports Development, and saw the participants take part in a celebratory ceremony and lighting of the Olympic flame before proceeding onto the Coliseum field to rotate through the sports stations. The ceremony featured LA84 President & CEO Renata Simril, LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman, LA 2024 Vice Chair and Director of Athlete Relations Janet Evans and five children symbolizing each Olympic ring.

“LA84 was excited to provide young athletes in Southern California the opportunity to participate in and embrace a variety of sports during Olympic Day,” said Simril. “These youth can take the experiences and lessons of Olympic Day to empower themselves in all their endeavors. The spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and the values they instill have provided countless young Americans with lifelong growth through the power of play, and this event continues that tradition.”

Archery, badminton, fencing, gymnastics, rowing, rugby, soccer, volleyball and Paralympic sitting volleyball were the nine sports set up inside the stadium. The youth also expressed their spirit by writing letters to Team USA athletes taking part in the Rio Olympic Games in August.

The celebration was a part of Olympic Day 2016, which saw a record-setting 2,120 events across the nation according to United States Olympic Committee projections. The event encouraged young athletes to promote the Olympic values of excellence, friendship and respect while carrying out the three pillars of Olympic Day: Move, Learn and Discover.

“It’s awesome to be here giving back to the kids,” said three-time Olympian in badminton Howard Bach, who led an on-field workshop. “Seeing the smiles on all the kids’ faces makes it worth every minute.”

The LA84 Foundation has proudly carried out the Olympic spirit, working in underserved communities to create equal opportunities in youth sports as a testament to the 1984 Games and Southern California’s commitment to Olympic sport.

“The Olympics are in LA’s DNA,” LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman said. “Eighty-eight percent of Angelenos support bringing the Games back to the City of Angels in 2024. As a city and as the committee working to bring back the Games to the US for the first time in 28 years, we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to host the US flagship celebration of the Olympic Movement at the iconic LA Memorial Coliseum.”

“As a city with a ready-made connection to youth culture, Olympic Day is a unique opportunity to get a taste of what it means to inspire the next generation around the positive and powerful values of sport and Olympism,” LA 2024 Vice Chair and Director of Athlete Relations Janet Evans said.

About the LA84 Foundation

As a legacy of the 1984 Olympic Games, the LA84 Foundation continues to be a nationally recognized leader in support of youth sport programs and elevating the importance of sports in positive youth development. LA84 seeks to provide an opportunity for every child to participate in sports and experience the wide range of positive outcomes associated with youth sport participation. Since its launch in 1985, LA84 has invested millions in the communities that supported the Games, reaching more than 3 million youth throughout Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego County. The LA84 Foundation continues to promote the spirit of the 1984 Olympic Games by convening and engaging local, national and international audiences about the role of sport in society, and the impact of the Olympic Games on host cities, especially as we look ahead to the 2024 Games.  LA84’s headquarters is located in the historic Britt House near downtown Los Angeles, where it houses meeting facilities and the world’s premier sports library. For more information, please visit www.la84.org.

Article reposted from LA84 press release June 24, 2016

SOCAL SHOWDOWN – June 25th, 2016

The AAE SoCal Showdown is a U.S. National Ranking event that brings together world class athletes as well as many young aspiring archers too.  For archers, we offer a great competition experience with a great venue, team round competition, prize money, and even individual gold medal matches at the San Diego County Fair.  New to archery?  Come on out on Saturday, June 25th for our Archery Festival and Team Finals party.  Try archery, play fun archery games, enjoy great food, and see these archers in action as they compete for team gold.

For more event information please visit:  www.socalshowdown.org

High Performance Eyewear for Archers


The importance of protecting an archer’s eyes from the damaging effects of the sun cannot be overstated. Pilla recognizes this fact and has created a campaign to educate archers and provide an affordable solution. Every Pilla lens formulation is treated with a specific dye to completely block 100% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and removes UV light to a true 400nm level. True UV 400 protection is very important in reducing the chances of developing macular degeneration, a disease that destroys the sharp, central vision used to perform such daily tasks as reading and driving.

Pilla MaskThe Mask lenses provide the same uncompromising quality and clarity that all of Pilla’s lenses offer. Being engineering by ZEISS, the world’s leader in optics, they are the finest high definition lenses in the world. The state-of-the-art anti-reflective coating means that the archer never has to worry about glare, the “optically perfect” quality of the lenses provide over twice the clarity of the average sunglass, and the various filtrations allow the archer to customize their field of view depending on the light conditions. The revolutionary frameless Mask system offers a featherweight feeling and, with no frame and no nosepiece, the archer has complete unobstructed visual sight and target reference. All of this means that the archer can now protect their eyes with the best lenses on the market while, at the same time, improving their sight picture and overall performance.

The all-new “Be a Champion for Eye Health” campaign is offering the Mask lens at a special price of $129, lowered by over 50% from the current and original $269 price point. Pilla is offering this special pricing as a way to introduce archers to a high performance tool that protects their eyes while providing them with a performance advantage. Archers will also have the opportunity to trade in the Mask lens for a full $129 credit when they are ready to upgrade to a professional model 2-lens kit. Anyone is eligible for this offer and is encouraged to contact Erika Jones at erikarajones@gmail.com for further details.

To receive the discount, please use these codes below when placing an order at www.pillasport.com

MX Mask model = R4KYZSV

FX Mask model = OXYPP6L


Three Fires Council Announces the Opening of a New Archery Range

Three Fires Council 1











The Three Fires Council is delighted to announce the opening of the newly constructed Archery and Shooting pavilion at Camp Freeland Leslie for the 2016 summer season. Located in Oxford, Wisconsin, Camp Freeland Leslie annually serves 2,800 youth and adults from Wisconsin, Illinois and beyond.

As part of an ongoing program and property master planning process. The leadership of the Three Fires Council first focus was on the development of the properties Shooting Sports venue.  In 2014 the Council constructed the 16 position rifle range doubling shooter capacity.  In 2015 through a generous donation, the Council was able to construct a Skeet and Trap range to create the ability to cycle more youth through this activity and lessen wait times.  The Council and its General Contractor were presented with the Gold Award for a Project of Distinction by the Southern Wisconsin Builders and Contractors Association for the Skeet and Trap Range.

In 2016, the shooting sports venue at Camp Freeland Leslie was completed through the construction of the Archery range and pavilion. Being one of the most popular activities in any camping program, the Council leadership knew that the range must be expanded in order to serve more youth and adults through a greater number of shooting lanes.  We now have the ability for up to 16 individuals to be able to shoot simultaneously versus eight previously.  Care was taken in the design process to maximize the space/efficiency within the secured storage building at the pavilion.  Additionally, a design enhancement/change early in the construction process raised the top of the pavilion to10 feet to better accommodate our shooters.  While requiring additional costs to the engineering and construction of the roof and its high winds stability, virtually any youth or adult of any height will now be able to shoot recurve bows as well as compound bows.

The construction of the Archery Range and Pavilion was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. The new Archery Range at Camp Freeland Leslie is sure to see heavy use and participation during the 2016 summer camp season and beyond.  The word is out – The Three Fires Council is investing heavily in our outdoor programs at our camps.  These investments could be a reason why our summer camp registrations have already increased our 2016 registrations by 30%!

 Were it not for the Challenge Grant of the Easton Foundations, we would have had a much more difficult time raising the funds needed to construct the Archery Range and Pavilion. The Foundations investment with this tremendously important project helped significantly with the projects credibility and ultimate reality.

We look forward to promoting the use of the facility to outside groups that share in the passion of shooting sports.

On behalf of the thousands of individuals both now and in the future, we are forever appreciative of the Easton Foundations belief in, and support of, our outdoor educational programs.  We look forward to providing you with more updates and photos when summer camp starts in just a few short weeks!

Michael Kaufman, CFRE
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Three Fires Council, Boy Scouts of America

Easton Foundations Gator Cup and 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

U.S. Olympic Team Trials

Media Advisory:
Event: Easton Foundations Gator Cup and 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Archery, final nomination shoot

Where: Easton Newberry Sports Complex – 24880 NW 16 Ave, Newberry, FL 32669

When: The Easton Foundations Gator Cup will take place May 26-28, immediately followed by the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Archery, final nomination shoot May 29-30.

What: The Easton Foundations Gator Cup is the second of four U.S. Archery Team (USAT) Qualifier Series Events of the 2016 season where archers earn valuable points towards a spot on the national team. The event will consist of official practice, a 72-arrow ranking round, and head-to-head elimination matches. The 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Archery, final nomination shoot is the last of a three-part trials process. The U.S. has qualified a full men’s team of three archers, and has earned one spot for our women. They will have one more chance to qualify a full team, and this Trials process will determine which archers are nominated to those slots to go to the Games in Rio.

Who: Top archers to watch include 2012 London Olympic Silver Medalists Brady Ellison, Jake Kaminski and Jacob Wukie and five-time Olympian and Olympic Bronze Medalist Khatuna Lorig, who also taught Jennifer Lawrence archery for her role as Katniss in the Hunger Games movies. Zach Garrett and Collin Klimitchek are the two youngest archers in the running for the men’s top 8, and both have a good shot with multiple recent international medals under their belts. Garrett invents his own archery equipment that he competes with, and Klimitchek is an avid adventure seeker and nature lover, which is how he found the sport of archery.

Mackenzie Brown leads the women’s field with a wide margin. Nicknamed the Girl on Fire, Brown narrowly missed the 2015 World Championship team, but then came back to suddenly win a spot on almost every major international podium for the remainder of the season. Currently ranked fourth in the world, Brown also won bronze at the Rio Test Event and is a strong contender for a medal this summer.

The top eight men stand as follows:

1. Brady Ellison (Globe, Arizona)
2. Zach Garrett (Wellington, Missouri)
3. Jake Kaminski (Gainesville, Florida)
4. Collin Klimitchek (Victoria, Texas)
5. Jacob Wukie (Fremont, Ohio)
6. Thomas Stanwood (Raynham, Massachusetts)
7. Daniel McLaughlin (West Chester, Ohio)
8. Sean McLaughlin (West Chester, Ohio)

The top eight women stand as follows:

1. Mackenzie Brown (Flint, Texas)
2. Hye Youn Park (Cupertino, California)
3. LaNola Pritchard (Lehi, Utah)
4. Ariel Gibilaro (North Branford, Connecticut)
5. Khatuna Lorig (West Hollywood, California)
6. Erin Mickelberry (Bothell, Washington)
7. Lauren Clamon (Chula Vista, California)
8. Heather Koehl (Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin)

Live updates as the Trials continue are available here. For more, follow USA Archery on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For any media questions or credential requests, please contact media@usarchery.org.

About USA Archery
USA Archery is the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery in the United States. USA Archery selects and trains Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship, and World Cup teams, as well as developing archery at the grassroots level across the United States. For more information, visit http://www.usarchery.org.

Media Contact
Sarah Bernstein/Public Relations

Easton Foundation’s Employee, Stanley Cheng, named Coach of the Year

Stan coach of the yearMay 22, 2016, 9:37 p.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – USA Archery is excited to announce that Stanley Cheng has been named the 2016 USA Archery Collegiate Archery Program Coach of the Year! UCLA’s Cheng was selected from the prestigious pool of Regional Coaches of the Year.

Coach Cheng was recognized for his tremendous efforts to grow the sport of archery at the college level and incredible achievements for his club and archers at the 2016 U.S. National Outdoor Collegiate Championships awards banquet.

USA Archery’s Collegiate Archery Program has seen tremendous growth this year, and Cheng shared this enthusiasm saying: “I’m extremely honored to win this award. I’m very proud of how hard my team has worked this year and I share this award with them.”

“Thanks to Coach Stan’s mentorship, our club consistently brings a full team of competitors, many of whom try archery for the first time in college, who contribute to the fun and exciting atmosphere of our tournaments,” shared Cheng’s students. “

Recent success of our competitive team, which placed fourth nationally, include four gold medals, one bronze medal [from 2015 NOCC] and nine Academic All-American archers.”

Beginning in March, Collegiate Archery Program Clubs submitted nominations for Regional Coaches of the Year. Each club was eligible to submit one vote for the coaches in their respective region. Regional Coach of the Year winners were named as finalists for the National Coach of the Year Award. Each club was then eligible to submit one vote for the National Coach of the Year.

We share our sincerest congratulations with Stanley Cheng on the National Collegiate Coach of the Year Award. In appreciation of continued dedication and leadership in the USA Archery Collegiate Archery Program,

For more information on the Collegiate Archery Program, click here or contact collegearchery@usarchery.org.

Jim Easton Honored by State of Utah – Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Jim Easton Lifetime Achievement Award










Jim Easton has led a life devoted to the pursuit of high performance in sports. As a businessman, archer and philanthropist, Jim has spent his life working to improve and maximize the human sporting experience.  His legacy of excellence was the highlight of the 2016 Governor’s State of Sport Awards.  Jim was awarded the Governor’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the gala, which was held on May 10, 2016 in Salt Lake City.

The annual Governor’s State of Sport Awards celebrate Utah’s sports industry, and honors excellence in high school, amateur, collegiate, Olympic and professional sports for the prior calendar year.  Athletes, teams, coaches and sporting highlights in 9 categories were awarded at the event held by the Utah Sports Commission and Governor Herbert.