About The Easton Sports Development Foundation

The Easton Sports Development Foundation owns the most complete archery library in
the world. This large, comprehensive library was donated by John Garrett of Costa Mesa,
California. It contains thousands of rare and contemporary books, magazines, articles,
and periodicals written by people whose names are synonymous with archery. A
non-profit organization, the Foundation is dedicated to the growth and improvement of
archery. It donates time and money to building archery ranges and developing
instructional programs, and gratefully accepts donations of materials related to archery
and bowhunting. The library is located at the Easton Salt Lake Archery Center in Utah, where it is readily available to archery enthusiasts and researchers at no cost. An
appointment is necessary to visit the Library.

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The Library Contains:

  • Over 1,000 archery and archery-related books
    • Toxophilus published in 1545—one of the oldest archery books, as well as one of the oldest books in print
    • Ancient Japanese writings on the art of the bow
  • Over 5,000 archery magazines and articles on archery and hunting, as well as archery company catalogs and brochures, and tournament programs and results
  • Approximately 30,000 archery photographs, negatives and slides
  • Videotape from major archery events throughout the world, such as the Olympics, world championships, etc.
  • Archery artifacts
    • Ancient Chinese, Turkish and Korean bows
    • Wood arrows used by palace guards in the Qing Dynasty (pronounced ‘ching’)
    • Bronze arrow points from the Terracotta Army dig estimated age, 20 B.C.
    • Arrowheads from Persia that date approximately 500 B.C. donated by Ms. Tsutako Onuma of Asahi Archery
    • Arrowheads from China believed to be from the Han Dynasty 206 B.C.-220 A.D.—
    • Chinese thumb rings