Deadlines, Review Process, and Requirements

NOTE: 2017 funding period is closed. 


Requests over $25,000: All project proposals must include a letter of intent, LOI.   The Board of Directors will review the proposals during the spring review or fall review.   If the Board of Directors decide that the proposal aligns with our mission, organizations will be invited to fill out a grant application.  Proposals over $25,000 must be received by the Foundation by March 1 for the Spring review or September 1 for the Fall review to be considered by the Foundation in the semi-annual grant review process.  

Archery Equipment Grants:  Grant applications under must be received by February 1st for Summer programs and April 1st for Fall programs.

Signed and dated proposals with the LOI and complete equipment grant applications  with the check list page must be submitted via e-mail to at No hard copies will be accepted.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or returned. 

*The Grant Committee reserves the right to review any grant request during the Spring or Fall review. 

If you have any questions, please contact Idida Briones at 818-909-2207 Ext. 306 or via email at


Proposals will be evaluated for eligibility and ranked by the Board of Directors and staff of ESDF or their designee(s). The individuals on the evaluation team have substantial archery experience and have familiarity with the Foundation Strategic Plans. The team will evaluate how well each applicant’s proposal addresses the goals and objectives of the Foundation Strategic Plans.

Please see the application for details on the grant review and approval process.

REQUIREMENTS: All grant applications must include the following:

  1. A complete and signed application including the check list.  Application must have FEIN#.
  2. Please tell us how your organization will partner with us to help support our centers, programs, efforts and our mission.
  3. Itemized list of how the funds will be used.
  4. Copy of the IRS determination letter for qualified IRS 501(c)(3) organizations or IRS Government determination letter.  Call IRS at 1-877-829-5500 to obtain a copy of your IRS determination letter/government exempt letter. Sample IRS Determination Letter for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations.  This is NOT the W9 or Sales Tax Exempt Letter. 
  5. Copy of the most recent 990 or Financial Statements
  6. Copy of USA Archery Certification. If applying for archery equipment, coaches running the archery program must have USA Archery Level 1 Coach Certification or Higher.


In your first paragraph please include what you are requesting from the Easton Foundations and how you will partner with us to help support our programs, centers, efforts and our mission.  

Note: The Easton Foundations does not fund grants for salaries, travel, lodging, meals, prizes or non-archery equipment.

PLEASE TELL US ABOUT PROGRAM:                           

  1. How many kids per archery class? How many shoot at the same time?
  2. Does your program/camp run weekend, week-long, all year or seasonal? Please explain.
  3. How many are Elementary (5-11), Middle School (12-14), High School (15-18), College (18-22) and Adult (over 22)?.
  4. Please confirm that your program can operate and grow without the non-equipment funds requested?
  5. Do you have additional funding sources? Do you have matching funds?
  6. Does your school/organization plan on having fundraisers to assist with the cost of the program? If not, what are the plans to raise additional funds?
  7. What kind of follow-up do you do in order to measure the success of your program?
  8. One of the goals of the Easton Foundations is to grow the pool of competitive archers. What other archery opportunities will your program provide to the young men and women? What resources does your program provide to them to allow them to pursue Archery further?
  9. If the foundation were to fund the purchase of archery equipment as stated in your request, how will the program sustain itself in the future?
  10. Are you currently working with members in your community to assist in the expansion of your program?
  11. How will your program benefit the community?
  12. What archery resources are available to your community? (List websites and provide a list of local ranges/parks or clubs)
  13. Are you currently associated or working with USA Archery or any other archery association?
  14. If the Easton Foundations funds the equipment request, do you have a safe secured location to store the equipment? What type of storage does your facility has available? How is the equipment stored?
  15. Archery equipment requires regular maintenance; how do you plan to maintain the equipment in working condition? Do you have trained staff or volunteers that know how to maintain the equipment?
  16. For safety and for teaching proper technique, we do require that all archery programs funded by the Easton Foundations demonstrate that their instructors/coaches are archery certified. How many coaches in your program have active USAA archery certification based on your group size?
  17. Please submit a copy of the archery curriculum.

If you have received a previous grant from the Easton Foundations and you are requesting additional funding, please answer the following:

  1. Do you need additional funding because your program has grown or because the existing equipment is getting worn out? Please explain.
  2. How many kids shot archery in the year prior to receiving our grant?
  3. How many kids shot archery in the years since receiving our grant?
  4. How many kids do you estimate will shoot archery next year?